Vilcinu Oak (Vilciņu ozols)

Vilcinu Oak, May 2023

An enormous oak tree with a circumference of 8.45 m. The tree has suffered from lightning and lost part of its crown.

Kanepu Oak (Kaņepu ozols)

Kaņepi Oak tree - one of the largest trees in Latvia.

Most likely, this picturesque tree is the second-largest oak in Latvia by circumference – in 2019 it reached 9.82 m.

Kaive Oak (Senci Oak)

Kaive Oak - the largest tree in Latvia with a girth of 10.55 m

Tree with the largest girth in Latvia and Baltic states – at 1.3 m height this oak (Quercus robur) has a circumference of 10.55 m (2019).