Xiaozhai tiankeng

World's deepest sinkhole - Xiaozhai tiankeng, with tourist route visible

Wonder Xiaozhai tiankeng   In short The largest sinkhole of the world is Xiaozhai tiankeng – incredible, up to 662 m deep pit with nearly vertical walls. This is one of the most impressive natural attractions on Earth. Rating 53.3% GPS coordinates 30.7505 N 109.4701 E Location, address Asia, China, Chongqing Municipality, 30 km south from […]

Minyé sinkhole and cave

Crossection of Minyé sinkhole, compared with Boeing 747-400, Papua New Guinea

Wonder Minyé sinkhole and cave   In short The incredible hole in the equatorial jungle – Minyé sinkhole and cave system – is true wonder of the world but only few people have seen it from above – from airplane of helicopter. Even fewer people – truly the chosen ones – manage to descend into it […]

Black Hole of Andros

Cross section of South Andros Black Hole in south - north direction, compared with Boeing 747-400

Wonder Black Hole of Andros   In short Just some 100 kilometers away from the crowded city of Nassau with its highrise hotels there is nearly unexplored land with some of the most mysterious karst formations in the world – black holes. The best known and the most impressive among them is the Black Hole of […]