Yoro Fish Rain – Lluvia des Peces

Site of legends. Reportedly, for more than a century in May – July there is witnessed rain that leaves rather small but live fish on the ground. Local people just gather the fish – it is very tasty!

Poas Volcano and Laguna Caliente

Laguna Caliente in Poás crater in white color

Very active and unusual volcano with Laguna Caliente – lake of extreme acidity reaching up to 0.0 of pH. Frequent phreatic eruptions may eject this acid up to 1 kilometer high. Around the volcano, all the vegetation is stunted brown and black by the extremely acid clouds coming from this lake.

Hessdalen lights

Hessdalen lights in February 2015. Two moving lights are seen - one in the sky (this is not Moon) and one over the forest.

In the valley of Hessdalen frequently are seen unexplained light phenomena. More than 20 years long scientific research on this phenomenon has not provided a convincing explanation of this phenomenon.

Markansu Desert – Valley of Tornadoes

Dust storm in Markansu dry valley - Valley of Tornadoes, Tajikistan

Broad, flat, almost lifeless plateau between mountain ridges, located at the height of 4 km above the sea level. Location with an extremely harsh climate, constant strong winds, and storms. Very frequently can be observed dust devils and small tornadoes.

Paasselkä devils

Light phenomena occasionally appearing above Lake Paasselkä and areas near it, mentioned since the 18th century. Usually, it is a ball of light that sometimes behaves as if has its own will. Paasselkä lake has formed in a meteorite crater.

Roopkund – Skeleton Lake

The mysterious Roopkund Lake, India

At this glacial lake at great height were found more than 500 skeletons of pilgrims. These people died around the 12th – 15th century AD. Further studies of the damages to their skulls have shown that these people died from sudden hailstorms – there was no shelter and people died from falling iceballs.

Naga fireballs of Mekong

Naga lights rise above Mekong

Unique phenomenon – glowing reddish balls rising from the water of Mekong River and going upwards in the air. Local people even organize festivities at late nights of October to observe this weird sight. Sometimes there are seen thousands of such balls per night. It is possible that this is the combustion of gases emanating from the river sediments.

Chir Batti

Unexplained phenomenon – dancing lights are seen in dark nights above Banni grasslands and Rann of Kutch salt flats. Known to local people since ancient times and multiple times seen also by foreign biologists.

Morning Glory clouds of Carpentaria Gulf

Morning Glory clouds, Queensland

A unique phenomenon, characteristic for the region at the southern part of Carpentaria Gulf. Here in springs early in the morning at special conditions form up to 1000 km long roll clouds, providing unique sight.

Catatumbo Lightning

Catatumbo Lightning, Venezuela

In the marshy delta of Catatumbo River, during 140 – 160 days and nights (10 hours mainly in the afternoons) a year there is almost continuous powerful lightning. This location is the world’s most powerful generator of tropospheric ozone.