Captain Jack Sparrow tree

Coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) with a diameter of 8.9 m. This is the largest (by trunk diameter) redwood that is announced to the public but it is possible that there are larger ones. Discovered in 2014.

Deodar cedar near Tolma

The largest known deocar cedar (Cedrus deodara) with a circumference of approximately 14.5 m, height – approximately 30 m.

Joshimath Kalpavriksha

Stoutest known Himalayan mulberry (Morus serrata) with a circumference of 21.5 m. This sacred tree is believed to be 1,200 years old.

The Temple Fig

Giant white fig (Ficus virens) that has a circumference of 19 m and is 36 m tall. If measured at the height of 1.4 m, the circumference is even 30.7 m! Crown of the tree is 45 m wide.

Historic Herbig Tree

Herbig Tree

River red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh.) of unusual cone form, circumference 15.28 m, height just 14.0 m. The enormous hollow in the tree was used by Friedrich Herbig and his family as a home in 1855.