Wall of Tears, Hawaii

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Cave of the Crystals, Naica

October 16, 2016

It is possible that entrails of the Earth hide more caves like this - but up to this day Cave of the Crystals is unique. The chamber of this improbable cave is adorned with phantasmagoric crystals of incredible size - it looks like a surreal fantastic movie about other planets but it is real and here - on Earth!

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  • The blue fire of Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

    Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

    February 6, 2017

    One of the most unusual volcanoes on the world is Kawah Ijen. It contains the largest lake of acid in the world but especially impressive are the eerie blue flames around the solfataras in the crater - an unforgettable sight in the night.

  • St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, Scotland

    St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, United Kingdom

    January 8, 2017

    Northernmost cathedral in British Isles is St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall. This is one of the best examples of Norman architecture, a great example of high quality construction in these times.

  • Virginia Falls, Canada

    Virginia Falls, Canada

    January 7, 2017

    Among the many wonders in the valley of South Nahanni the most magnificent are the grandiose Virginia Falls. This is one of the most powerful waterfalls on Earth.

  • Tallest Shorea tree, Danum Valley, Malaysia

    December 23, 2016

    The race to find the tallest tropical trees is on and one after another we learn about new discoveries. In November 2016 there was reported new record - in Danum Valley, Sabah was found 94.1 m tall tree. This is the tallest known tree in tropics thus far.

  • Tallest Giant Sequoia in Converse Basin, United States

    December 23, 2016

    Giant sequoias by far are the largest trees of the world by wood volume. These trees are very tall and the tallest known specimen grows in the Giant Sequoia National Monument. It is 95.8 m tall.

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Mount Cleveland, Alaska


January 24, 2017

The mission of Wondermondo is to describe all the unusual places ("wonders") around the world. Each of the 1,500 active volcanoes and also some of the inactive ones are such unusual places. But, as always in life, some are more unusual than others.

Arve Big Tree, Tasmania, Australia

Tree species which exceed the height of 80 m (update!)

December 27, 2016

The tallest trees of the world are several species of conifers and also eucalypts.

Convincing world record nowadays belongs to coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl.). Many hundreds of these trees surpass the height of the second highest tree species in the world.

Iguazu Falls from above, Argentina and Brazil

Regions and countries of the world

December 24, 2016

After 6 years of hefty work Wondermondo has identified 60 most interesting and impressive landmarks!