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Latest landmarks

Madeira: Risco Waterfall

Risco Falls, Madeira
Risco Falls / Allie Caulfield, / CC BY 2.0

It might be true that there are taller and more powerful waterfalls in Madeira, but Risco Waterfall definitely looks impressive.

July 2, 2015

Portugal: Batalha Monastery

Batalha Monastery, Portugal
Batalha Monastery / Dr. Emerson Costa, , CC BY 2.0

Batalha Monastery is not just a monastery - it is a lot more than this, a monument to the unity of nation and union with England, an expression of the power of Aviz dynasty and above all - a wonderful monument of architecture and art.

June 26, 2015

Lebanon: Bala'a sinkhole (Baatara sinkhole) and waterfall

Bala'a sinkhole, Lebanon
Bala'a sinkhole / Wikimedia Commons by user Elie plus, CC-BY-SA-3.0

Bala'a (Baatara) sinkhole is unique. Imagine: a stream of melted snow finds an enormous hole in the ground and as a free falling waterfall leaps into 255 m deep undeground void. Waterfall is falling along three natural bridges stacked one above other. Sounds improbable - but it exists!

May 9, 2015

Israel: Masada

Masada fortress, Israel
Masada fortress. Double fortification wall around the plateau is well visible. / Israeltourism , / CC BY 2.0

Best known monument of the Jewish resistance against foreign occupation is Masada - an impressive fortress not far from the Dead Sea. According to ancient writings 960 Jews killed themselves here, when Romans managed to take this fortress in 73 AD.

May 3, 2015

Jordan: Petra

Al Khazneh, Petra in Jordan
Al Khazneh, Petra. / Sylvain L. , / CC BY 2.0

There are hundreds of magnificent ancient cities around the world but none is similar to Petra. This amazing city was developed by Nabateans in the labyrinth of narrow cliff canyons and some of the most beautiful structures were directly cut in the sandstone cliff.

April 12, 2015



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