Places with cryptozoological phenomena

Outstanding places with cryptozoological phenomena

Mysterious Lake Tele, Republic of the Congo
Mysterious Lake Tele in the middle of impenetrable forest, Congo / Photo courtesy of Tom Klaytor, CC BY 2.0

This is unique list of some 50 cryptids which are linked to certain place and observed repeatedly over a longer time period.


  • Ennedi Tiger - Chad, Ennedi. People in Ennedi mountains have interesting stories about very strong, elusive tigerlike cat, similar to extinct (?) Machairodus cats. According to stories this purported sabertooth cat is living in caves. Locals even consider that there are two species - one in mountains (Hadjel, Gassingram) and one in water (Mourour N'gou).
  • Lake Kashiba – Zambia, Copperbelt Province. Lake in a sinkhole. The lake is 220 by 160 m large, it is approximately 100 m deep. Water level is some 10 m below the rims of sinkhole, water is lucid and deep blue. Numerous legends are linked to this lake, including a legend about lake monster. There are other similar sinkholes in this region.
  • Lake Ngozi - Tanzania, Mbeya. Enormous and picturesque crater lake. Locals consider this place to be magical, with many mysteries. According to local legends here lives a lake monster which comes out from the water in sunny days.
  • Lake Tele - Republic of the Congo, Likuala. Round freshwater lake deep in swampland and rainforest, possible impact crater. According to local stories in this lake and surrounding area lives mokèlé-mbèmbé - purported giant reptile. This remote area is very rich with rare species of plants and animals including a population of more than 120 thousand gorillas. Many other cryptids reported, such as mahamba - giant crocodile.


Lake Tianchi Monsters, China
Group of large animals in Lake Tianchi, China, 2013. This event was witnessed by hundreds of tourists / Screenshot from YouKu, 2013.
  • Ayia Napa Sea Monster - Cyprus, Famagusta. Legendary sea monster which, reportedly, is occasionally seen near the coast, most frequently at Cape Greco.
  • Bardia Elephants - Nepal, Bheri. In this virgin Terai forest lives a population of weird elephants. These animals are larger than any known Asian elephants and have unusual appearance, making them more similar to mammooths.
  • Bukit Timah Monkey Man - Singapore. Although the Bukit Timah rainforest is very small and surrounded by modern city, there are reports about hominid living in this forest.
  • Cheonji - abode of Lake Tianchi Monster - North Korea, Ryanggang and China, Jilin. According to legends and modern stories in this beautiful crater lake lives a monster.
  • Cat-fox in Kayan Mentarang National Park - Indonesia, North Kalimantan. It is possible that in this pristine tropical forest lives carnivore - an animal which looks like a cross between fox and cat. This animal was photographed on cameras of BBC researchers in 2005.
  • Endau-Rompin National Park and Mawas - Malaysia, Johor and Pahang. One of the oldest tropical rainforest complexes in the world which contains many rare plants and animals. Forest is 870 km² large. Indigenous people in this forest tell stories about encounters with Mawas - mythical, human like creatures who are 3 - 4 m tall. There are also recent sightings of this creature.
  • Kanas Lake Monsters, China
    Some of most frequently seen and most filmed are Kanas Lake Monsters in China. Spectacular movie was made in 2012 / Screenshot from CCTV news.
    Kanas Lake Monsters - China, Xinjiang. According to legends in this lake live giant fish or similar creatures, which are some 10 - 15 m long. These animals have been caught on video, including an aerial which shows a group of some 15 creatures crossing the lake (2012).
  • Khumjung Monastery - Nepal, Sagarmatha. In this monastery is located a purported scalp of yeti. Research shows that it is a fake made of Himalayan serow skin.
  • Kok-Kol Lake and Aidahar - Kazakhstan, Jambyl. Unusual montane lake which, reportedly, emits sounds - long whistles or sighs. This could be explained with emissions of gas from the bottom of lake. According to stories of many locals sometimes here is seen a monster - Aidakhar - which comes out from the lake and hunts sheep. This monster was been observed also by some scientists but there is no evidence whether it exists in reality.
  • Lake Labynkyr Monster - Russia, Sakha Republic. Local Yakuts tell legends about fierce, giant animal who lives in this lake. Geologists have noticed this animal in 1953 and later there have appeared unusual legends about the charms of this lake.
  • Mae Charim Yeties - Thailand, North. Local people frequently have met enormous, hairy and black creatures in this remote, mountainous area of Thailand. According to some stories local people never leave their villages after the dark due to these aggressive animals.
  • The mysterious hand in Pangboche Monastery, Nepal
    The mysterious hand in Pangboche Monastery - before it disappeared / Image most likely was taken by Peter Byrne in 1958. Non-free historical image, believed to be in fair use as it is in low resolution.
    Mande Burung near Balpakram, Garo Hills - India, Meghalaya. Many local people are convinced that in the extensive subtropical forests in Garo Hills live large (some 3 m tall), man-like creatures which are covered with hair. Especially frequently these animals are seen in a forested canyon near Balpakram.
  • Pangboche Monastery and Pangboche Hand - Nepal, Sagarmatha. In this monastery was located a hand of dead, unknown creature, a hominid which was not human. Parts of hand were stolen in 1959, the remaining parts disappeared in 1999.
  • Peppara Forest and Kallanas - India, Kerala. A population of suspected dwarf elephants reportedly lives in this forest. Here lives the common Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) but local people are convinced that considerably smaller elephants - Kallanas - hide from the common elephants further up in the mountains. Maximum height of Kallanas is 1.5 m.
  • Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary - Bhutan, Trashigang. Gorgeous primeval forest in Himalaya, mostly - temperate forests and subalpine ecosystems. One of the reasons for the creation of this sanctuary is protection of migoi - man-like cryptid, whose existence has not been proved but local people are convinced that it exists.
  • Shennongjia white animals - China, Hubei. Virgin montane forest with very high diversity of plants and animals. This is ancient forest with little climatic change since the Jurassic period. As a result here live many ancient species. Peculiar are the many reported sightings of diverse white animals - bears (Bai-Xiong), snakes, monkeys, deer, crows, weasels. Many local people have reported sightings of big human-like animals.
  • Shishi-Kuh Valley - Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Area where many researchers and local people have spotted footprints and sounds made by unknown animals. Many local people often have seen an ape-like creature which is similar to Neanderthal man. This animal is called Barmanu and it has been spotted in other areas too.
  • Vũ Quang - Vietnam, North Central Coast. Remote, forested region, where numerous new species of animals and plants have been found over the last decades and several more are reported but their existence has not been proved yet. One of the most intriguing ones is batutut (Nguoi Rung) - a human like creature, which is approximately 1.8 m tall and covered with hair.

Australia and Oceania

  • Ropen of Umboi Island - Papua New Guinea, Umboi Island, Morobe Province. According to tales and legends sometimes here is seen a featherless, enormous flying creature. In the night, while flying, it is glowing for several seconds. It is seen in other parts of Papua New Guinea as well but most frequent it is in Umboi. Some believe that this might be a flying reptile similar to pterosaur.
  • Kakamora caves (Kakangora caves) - Solomon Islands, Makira-Ulawa. Legendary, inaccessible caves, where, according to locals, live Kakamora people - ancient dwarf people, just one metre tall, walking naked and endowed with incredible strength. Many believe that these people still exist.
  • Lake Murray Monster - Papua New Guinea, Western Province. Over the last 10 years in Lake Murray repeatedly has been spotted enormous carnivore, a reptile which is named Au Angi-Angi. It is similar to Theropoda dynosaurs.


Storsjöodjuret - lake monster in Sweden
Storsjöodjuret - lake monster in Sweden / Screenshot from Sveriges TV, Jämtland, 2007.
  • Am Fear Liath Mòr (Greyman) - United Kingdom, Scotland, between Aberdeenshire and Moray. Mythical creature which, reportedly, haunts the highlands around Ben Macdui mountain. According to the eyewitnesses this is very tall, human like creature which is covered with short hair. Many travellers report uneasy, fearsome feelings in this area.
  • Brosno Lake Monster - Russia, Tver Oblast. Some 4 - 5 m long, serpent-like creature, which has been observed in this lake since the 19th century or even the 13th century. Photographed in 1996. Later investigations though have shown that stories could have been created by large bubbles of gas coming from the lake bed.
  • Lagarfljót – Iceland, Austurland. This large lake, according to legends, has a monster – Lagarfljotsormurinn (Lagarfljot Worm) – living in it.
  • Loch Morar Monster - Morag - United Kingdom, Scotland, Highland. In this lake more than 30 times has been observed a serpent-like creature, which, reportedly, is some 6 m long.
  • Loch Ness Monster – Nessie - United Kingdom, Scotland, Highland. Best known cryptid in the world albeit not too credible. Nessie is a supposed creature living in Loch Ness – large lake in Scottish Highlands. By many considered to be a surviving reptile similar to plesiosaurs. Attained world wide fame in 1933 although supposedly mentioned already in the 6th century AD. Numerous search expeditions with state of the art technologies have found some unexplained phenomena but there have been no convincing proofs for existance of Nessie.
  • Seljordsvatnet Monster - Selma - Norway, Telemark. A lake monster which is similar to Nessie. This monster has been sighted since the 18th century. It was filmed in 2012.
  • Storsjöodjuret - Sweden, Jämtland. A lake monster is reported in Storsjön lake since 1635. This animal is reportedly some 6 m long and looks like aquatic reptile with fins across its back.

North America

Nahanni Valley, Canada
Nahanni Valley, Canada. Mysterious events have taken place here / Alison and Fil, / CC BY 2.0
  • Cayuga Lake Monster - Old Greeny - United States, New York. Sightings of serpent-like monster have been reported here since the early 19th century. Already by the end of the 19th century it was sighted 69 times at least, but there have been multiple reports in the 20th century as well.
  • Chickcharney - mysterious bird in Andros Island - Bahamas, forests of Andros Island. According to tales of locals in the forests of this island lives approximately 1 m tall creature which resembles an owl. There is a possibility that here survives the flightless owl Tyto pollens, which was 1 m tall and was last reported in the 16th century.
  • Crescent Lake Monster - Cressie - Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador. According to the tales of ancient Native Canadians and contemporary people in this lake lives enormous, eel-like creature. Numerous giant eels attacked a group of divers in the 1980s.
  • Flathead Lake Monster - United States, Montana. Lake monster which, reportedly, is similar to Loch Ness monster. First reported sighting took place in 1889 and since then it has been seen numerous times. In 1993 the monster was seen 13 times, including two times with two monsters at once.
  • Headless Man Valley in Nahanni National Park - Canada, British Columbia. Site of legends where several gold seekers died in mysterious conditions in the early 20th century - reportedly, their heads were ripped off. Some link these attacks to the mysterious people called Naha - but this is little likely. Here are reported other cryptids as well, e.g. nuk-luk - man-like hominid and waheela - giant wolves which are somewhat similar to bears.
  • Islesboro Up-island spider - United States, Maine. In small area of Islesboro island are observed wolf spiders of unusual size, with a leg span reaching 20 cm. According to local legends these spiders arrived here in a coffin.
  • Lake Champlain monster, 1977
    Most famous image of Lake Champlain monster, taken in 1977 by Sandra Mansi
    Lake Champlain monster - Champ - United States, Vermont and New York as well as Canada, Quebec. Well known lake monster which has been seen more than 300 times since 1609. It's existence though has not been proved. Animal is similar to snake.
  • Lake Simcoe Monster - Igopogo - Canada, Ontario. Impressive lake monster which is similar both to sea serpent and canine. It is seen rarely but consistently throughout several centuries at least. Animal made sudden appearance during the boat race in 1991.
  • Lake Tahoe Monster - Tessie - United States, California and Nevada. Many times in this lake has been sighted 3 - 25 m long serpent-like monster.
  • Lake Utopia Monster - Old Ned - Canada, New Brunswick. In this lake every few years is observed a monster, which, according to different reports, is 3 - 15 m long. It looks like a cetacean and it is possible that it comes here from the sea.
  • Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp - United States, South Carolina. In abandoned areas of Lee country over the last decades is reported fearsome, approximately 2 - 2.1 m tall monster with lizard-like skin. This monster repeatedly attacked cars in events which resemble scenes from horror movies.
  • Lusca - giant octopus of Andros blue holes - Bahamas, in blue holes around Andros Island. There are numerous stories about giant squids which reportedly live in the sinkholes near the coast of Andros. According to these stories this monster is up to 23 m or even 60 m long.
  • Memphremagog Lake monster - Memphre - Canada, Quebec. A lake monster, which reportedly looks like a whale or plesiosaur. First sightings have been reported in 1816 but there are also recent ones, e.g. in 2005.
  • Purported image of Nahuelito, Argentina
    Purported image of Nahuelito - monster of Nahual Huapi Lake, Argentina / Mapazf, / public domain
    Okanagan Lake monster - Ogopogo - Canada, British Columbia. A serpent-like monster which is reported since the 19th century. This serpent reportedly is 12 - 15 m long.
  • Reindeer Lake Monster - Canada, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Reportedly there is a monster in the Deep Bay, which eats reindeer who fall through the ice. In 2006 it killed several dogs.
  • Wallowa Lake Monster (Big Wally) - United States, Oregon. Many reports, including legends of native people about enormous, manatee-like animal, which is up to 15 m long.

South America

  • Nahual Huapi Lake Monster - Nahuelito – Argentina, Río Negro. A purported lake monster living in the enormous Nahual Huapi Lake. Stories tell that this animal is similar to a plesiosaur, 4.5 – 6 m long. The first stories about the animal have been recorded in the late 19th century.

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