Karst landscapes

Tsingy de Ankarana, Madagascar

Category Karst landscapes Described karst landscapes What is included in this category? Limestone, dolostone, and gypsum are quite common rocks and cover a major part of the land. These rocks are soluble and, as the water reaches them, sooner or later voids are forming in the rocks – and the dissolved material is deposited elsewhere, […]

Categories of wonders

Grand Prismatic Spring, United States, Wyoming

Category Categories of wonders Currently, the wonders of the world in Wondermondo are divided into 124 categories: see the large list below. This huge number is divided into four realms: The list of all categories of wonders Many world’s wonders fit into several categories. Nevertheless, one principle is strict – every wonder of the world […]

Places with cryptozoological phenomena

Group of large animals in Lake Tianchi, China, 2013. This event was witnessed by hundreds of tourists

Category Places with cryptozoological phenomena Described cryptozoological phenomena What is included in this category? Cryptozoology is a very exciting pseudoscience – a discipline that stands between true science and folklore. It deals with legendary animals that seem to exist but their existence has not been proved. Stories that never have an ending The most interesting […]