Nakalele Blowhole

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Blowholes Category Blowholes Described blowholes and other wave phenomena About the blowholes What is blowhole? The blowhole is an intermittent natural water fountain that is powered by wave energy. Visually it is quite similar to a geyser and often blowholes are just called – sea geysers. But the mechanism of blowholes is […]

Karst landscapes

Tsingy de Ankarana, Madagascar

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Rock formations 🢖 Karst landscapes Category Karst landscapes Described karst landscapes What is included in this category? Limestone, dolostone, and gypsum are quite common rocks and cover a major part of the land. These rocks are soluble and, as the water reaches them, sooner or later voids are forming in the rocks – and […]

Tidal currents and whirlpools

One of Horizontal Falls, Western Australia

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Tidal currents and whirlpools Category Tidal currents and whirlpools Described tidal currents and whirlpools What is included in this category? This category includes somewhat lesser-known natural wonders: locations where large masses of water move on a regular basis due to tidal forces. The height of tides around the world’s oceans is very […]

Rock formations

The Wave, Arizona

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Rock formations Category Rock formations Described rock formations What is included in this category? This type of landmarks includes most unusual and interesting rock formations of the world. It may sound simple but it isn’t: this group of monuments tends to grow and grow without end, encompassing diverse seemingly unrelated things. Thus […]

Glacial landforms

The front of Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Glacial landforms Category Glacial landforms Described glacial landforms What is included in this category? This category includes the most impressive glacial landforms in the world. What are glacial landforms? The Earth has gone through at least five major ice ages and currently we live through one of them. Each of these ice […]

Geothermal fields

Morning Glory Pool in Upper Geyser Basin

The most impressive geothermal fields – areas where the groundwater is heated by magma and forms interesting natural monuments.

Unusual fumaroles

Sulfurous fumaroles of Kawah Ijen and miners of sulfur. The crater lake in the background is made acidic by similar undergound fumaroles.

The most amazing and unusual fumaroles – openings in the ground where heated gases and vapors are emitted.

Geothermal features

Lake Bogoria, geyser and flamingos

The most impressive geothermal features – geysers, geothermal fields, fumaroles and other areas where the groundwater is heated by magma.

Aeolian formations

Khongoryn Els singing dunes in Mongolia

The most amazing aeolian formations – natural wonders that have been created by wind activity.

Fossil finds

Uintacrinus socialis fossil from western Kanzas

The most amazing places of the world where are found remains or traces of life forms of outstanding value for science.