Biological extremes

General Sherman Tree from a distance

Some biological wonders are the champions of the world – largest, tallest, oldest. This category lists these biological extremes.

Biological wonders

Harenna Forest

Biological wonders of the world – unusual ecosystems, animal colonies, outstanding trees, and fossil finds.

Parks and gardens

Hitachi Seaside Park, plantings of Nemophila menziesii

Planned spaces with visually attractive displays of plants and architecture – fountains, sculptures, and other structures.

Palaces and country houses

Castle Howard, England

The category of palaces and country houses includes large and showy residences that have served to express the power of their owners.


Castle Stalker, Argyll and Bute

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Architectural wonders 🢖 Houses 🢖 Castles Category Castles Described castles What is included in this category? This category includes fortified buildings – houses of influential and rich people. This seemingly simple definition though does not set strict limits and in a lot of cases, it is not entirely clear whether a building is a castle or not. […]

Early human finds

Liang Bua cave, Flores, Indonesia

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Biological wonders 🢖 Fossil finds 🢖 Early human finds Category Early human finds Described early human finds What is included in this category? In this category Wondermondo has included most important and unusual places with remains and other traces of activities by early humans (including other species of humans) and other hominins. This is a subcategory to […]

Categories of wonders

Grand Prismatic Spring, United States, Wyoming

LATVISKI Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders Category Categories of wonders Currently, the wonders of the world in Wondermondo are divided into 124 categories. This huge number is divided into four realms: Geological wonders Biological wonders Archaeological and architecture wonders Legendary wonders Many world’s wonders fit into several categories. Nevertheless, one principle is strict – every wonder of […]

Lakes and streams

Laguna Verde, Potosí in Bolivia

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Lakes and streams Category Lakes and streams Described lakes and streams What is included in this category? This category includes unusual lakes, sea bays and streams of the world. One though should remember the principle of Wondermondo: here the landmarks, in general, are smaller than 500 km³, thus here are not included […]

Outstanding volcanoes of the world

Arenal volcano in night, Costa Rica

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Volcanoes Category Volcanoes Described volcanoes What is included in this category? This category includes most unusual and interesting volcanoes of the world. What are volcanoes? Over the last 10,000 years in some 1,500 places around the Earth through the crust of the planet has been emitted lava, ash, and gases from the […]

Spring tufa, travertine and other formations

Travertine pools in Huanglong Valley, China

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Springs 🢖 Spring tufa, travertine, and other formations Category Spring tufa, travertine, and other formations Described spring tufa, travertine and other formations What is included in this category? This category includes very diverse landmarks which have one thing in common: all of them are created by springs that are depositing chemical sediments – silica, […]