Sagole Baobab, South Africa

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Biological wonders 🢖 Trees Category Trees Described trees What is included in this category? This category includes the largest and most unique trees in the world. Criteria Trees for most part are perennial woody plants who have one main trunk and considerable size. There is no minimum size for a tree agreed and imagination is […]

Places with cryptozoological phenomena

Group of large animals in Lake Tianchi, China, 2013. This event was witnessed by hundreds of tourists

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Legendary wonders 🢖 Places with cryptozoological phenomena Category Places with cryptozoological phenomena Described cryptozoological phenomena What is included in this category? Cryptozoology is a very exciting pseudoscience – a discipline that stands between true science and folklore. It deals with legendary animals that seem to exist but their existence has not been proved. Stories that […]

Rare natural materials

Cave of the Crystals, Mexico

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Rare natural materials Category Rare natural materials Described finds of rare natural materials What is included in this category? There are places in the world, where one can find such materials which are not present anywhere else on Earth – or can be found just in a few places. Such landmarks are […]

Gemstone mines and other finds

The blue amber from the Dominican Republic

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Rare natural materials 🢖 Gemstone finds Category Gemstone mines and other finds Described gemstone mines and other finds What is included in this category? Gemstones are decorative stones of high value, used in adornments, mostly – in jewelry. Kinds of gemstones None can say the exact number of kinds of gemstones. Creative lapidaries can […]

Ancient cities and towns

Citadel of Arbil, Iraq

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Archaeological wonders 🢖 Settlements 🢖 Ancient cities and towns Category Ancient cities and towns Described ancient cities and towns What is included in this category? There could be several ways to define the ancient cities and towns and then – to select monuments that fit into this category. Unfortunately, none of them draws a strict divide between […]

Abandoned cities and towns

Ruins of Palmyra from above, Syria

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Architectural wonders 🢖 Settlements 🢖 Abandoned cities and towns Category Abandoned cities and towns Described abandoned cities and towns What is included in this category? Wondermondo includes in this category those cities or towns – and also parts of cities – which have been built and inhabited in the past but are abandoned now. Every abandoned city […]

Cities and towns


Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Architectural wonders 🢖 Settlements 🢖 Cities and towns Category Cities and towns Described cities and towns What is included in this category? Many of the most popular and exciting landmarks in the world are cities and towns. Millions of tourists are attracted to such cities as Venice, Florence, Prague, Jerusalem. They never fail to impress and one […]

Impact craters

Pingualuit crater, Canada

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Impact craters Category Impact craters Described impact craters What is included in this category? Category includes outstanding impact craters – detectable scars on the surface of Earth left by a body coming from outer space. Category includes also meteorites – natural objects from the outer space. Bombardment from the space There are […]


Lake Bogoria, geyser and flamingos

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Geothermal features 🢖 Geysers Category Geysers Described geysers What is included in this category? This category includes natural geysers, perpetual spouters and cold water geysers of the world. What are natural geysers? Hasty hydrogeologist would say: geysers are thermodynamically and hydrodynamically unstable hot springs. "Normal" people would say – geysers are hot springs which […]

Places with meteorological phenomena

Morning Glory clouds, Queensland

Wondermondo 🢖 Categories of wonders 🢖 Geological wonders 🢖 Places with meteorological phenomena Category Places with meteorological phenomena Described places with meteorological phenomena What is included in this category? Unusual weather conditions can happen in any place in the world. But there are locations where unusual meteorological phenomena are observed frequently – even every day. There are not too many landmarks […]