List of sites of cryptozoological phenomena

Here are listed places with cryptozoological phenomena described in this website.

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NoNameCountry, regionValueRank
194 Kakamora Caves - mystery of the dwarf people Solomon IslandsArchaeology, Unexplained, Geology7
418 Lake Tele Republic of the CongoUnexplained, Biology, Geology2
444 Kanas Lake Monsters China, XinjiangUnexplained, Biology3
452 Bukit Timah Monkey Man SingaporeUnexplained, Biology7


Republic of the Congo: Lake Tele

Purported image of mokele-mbembe in Lake Tele, Republic of the Congo
Purported image of mokele-mbembe in Lake Tele. Is it the monster or elephant? / Colorized screenshot from the footage of Japanese expedition led by Tatsuo Watanabe, 1987.

If there exists middle of nowhere, Lake Tele is there. At least for humans, because the environment here is extremely hostile to them.

Many other animals though feel here well and one of these animals might be the mysterious mokele-mbembe or the even more mysterious emela-ntouka.