Clipperton Island

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Clipperton Island
Clipperton Island. One of the rare groups of cocos palms is seen, lagoon is seen in the background / Shannon Rankin, NOAA, / public domain

This remote, small atoll does not offer much interesting to its rare visitors.

One interesting detail is the Clipperton Rock in the south-east of the island, which rises 29 m tall above the uninhabited, low lying island.

Atoll is enclosed, with freshwater lagoon in the middle. No fish lives in this lagoon. In the southern part of lagoon is located a "crater" - Trou-Sans-Fond. This "bottomless" (a bit more than 35 m deep) pit contains acidic water at its base, which is dangerous to divers. In the lagoon live millions of freshwater isopods which can bite swimmers.

On the island and in the surrounding seas live several endemic species of animals, such as skink Emoia arundeli, centipede Cryptops navigans, the valuable collectors fish - Clipperton Angelfish (Holacanthus limbaughi) and others.

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Clipperton Island is small atoll, overseas possession of France.

Map of Clipperton Island

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