Wonders of Oregon

Crater Lake

Territory Wonders of Oregon   Highlights Oregon can be proud of its special natural beauty. Mighty rivers cross the mountainous landscape through magnificent ravines and canyons and the frequent rain has created countless waterfalls. In the lush forests grow trees of incredible size and at the sea can be observed unusual landmarks – blowholes including the […]

Wonders of Illinois

Willis Tower rises above Chicago

Territory Wonders of Illinois   Highlights Even if there are some fine natural and archaeological landmarks in Illinois, the architectural heritage dominates here by a wide margin. This is the state where much of the contemporary modernity in design and construction technologies were invented. Today we can admire the creative courage and futuristic thinking of such […]

Wonders of Florida

Fort Jefferson

Territory Wonders of Florida   Highlights Florida is the tropical paradise of mainland United States. Over the last century, it has experienced fabulous changes, turning from forgotten, swampy badlands into densely populated and rich land. The most amazing wonders of Florida are: Architecture of the late 19th and 20th century. The rich people want to live […]

Wonders of South Carolina

Avenue of Oaks, Boone Hall

Territory Wonders of South Carolina   Highlights There is a term: Southern graciousness and much of it can be found in South Carolina. This state definitely has its own charms and these show in the following highlights: City of Charleston. Cozy, homely and, due to this, getting overcrowded… which tells something about the draws of this […]

The best wonders of the world

Head article The best wonders of the world All the wonders in Wondermondo are listed by 7 parts of the world (number of the described wonders in brackets): Africa (110) Antarctica and Subantarctic islands (16) Asia (477) Australia and Oceania (323) Europe (245) North America (554) South America (56) Wondermondo is reviewing the world by 284 […]

Wonders of Europe

Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest - one of the greatest Neo-Gothic structures in the world

Territory Wonders of Europe   Countries, regions Europe here is divided in 52 following countries and territories. List of all countries / territories Albania Andorra Austria Azores (Portugal) Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Czechia Denmark Estonia Faroe Islands (Denmark) Finland France Germany Gibraltar (United Kingdom) Greece Hungary Jan Mayen (Norway) Kosovo Iceland Ireland Italy […]

Wonders of Maharashtra

Kailasanatha Temple, India

Territory Wonders of Maharashtra   Highlights Maharashtra is a truly splendid state. It has everything – enormous metropolises and countless waterfalls in mountains, urban decay and architectural splendor, remnants of millennia-old Harappan towns and modern, very expensive architecture. Highlights of Maharashtra are: Rock-cut temples. Some of them belong to the highest achievements of mankind – the […]

Wonders of Kosovo

Rugova Canyon, Kosovo

Territory Wonders of Kosovo   Highlights The most interesting landmarks in this small Balkan country are the Serbian Orthodox monasteries and churches as well as Ottoman heritage, especially several interesting bridges. The country has impressive natural heritage – breathtaking mountain scenery hides numerous caves, gorges, and canyons, waterfalls. Map with the described wonders Top 15 wonders […]

Wonders of Montenegro

Church of Our Lady of the Rocks, Montenegro

Territory Wonders of Montenegro   Highlights The most impressive landmarks of Montenegro are its historical seaside towns – for the most part these were Venetian port cities, often built on small islands or peninsulas – such as Sveti Stefan or Budva. In Montenegro is located also one of the most impressive river canyons in the world […]

Wonders of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stari Most in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Territory Wonders of Bosnia and Herzegovina   Highlights Bosnia and Herzegovina is a mountainous country with breathtaking scenery and well-preserved pristine nature. The most amazing wonders of Bosnia and Herzegovina are: Traditional villages – in the mountains are found quite diverse small villages with big history and great scenery. Almost unique is Lukomir – village of […]