Wonders of Oregon

Crater Lake

Territory Wonders of Oregon   Highlights Oregon can be proud of its special natural beauty. Mighty rivers cross the mountainous landscape through magnificent ravines and canyons and the frequent rain has created countless waterfalls. In the lush forests grow trees of incredible size and at the sea can be observed unusual landmarks – blowholes including the […]

The best wonders of the world

Head article The best wonders of the world All the wonders in Wondermondo are listed by 7 parts of the world (number of the described wonders in brackets): Africa (110) Antarctica and Subantarctic islands (16) Asia (477) Australia and Oceania (323) Europe (245) North America (554) South America (56) Wondermondo is reviewing the world by 284 […]

Wonders of Europe

Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest - one of the greatest Neo-Gothic structures in the world

Territory Wonders of Europe   Countries, regions Europe here is divided in 52 following countries and territories. List of all countries / territories Albania Andorra Austria Azores (Portugal) Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Czechia Denmark Estonia Faroe Islands (Denmark) Finland France Germany Gibraltar (United Kingdom) Greece Hungary Jan Mayen (Norway) Kosovo Iceland Ireland Italy […]