Wonders of Serbia

Golubac Fortress, Serbia

Wondermondo 🢖 World 🢖 Wonders of Europe 🢖 Wonders of Serbia Territory Wonders of Serbia   Highlights Serbia is a diverse country – both with undulating hills, river plains, and also very impressive mountains. The most beautiful and interesting landmarks in Serbia are: Monasteries – Serbia has its own branch of Christianity – Serbian Orthodox Church and in medieval times numerous monasteries […]

Wonders of Hungary

Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest - one of the greatest Neo-Gothic structures in the world

Wondermondo 🢖 World 🢖 Wonders of Europe 🢖 Wonders of Hungary Territory Wonders of Hungary   Highlights The most amazing wonders of Hungary are: Palaces. There are several world-class palaces in Hungary including one of the best in the world – Eszterháza. Historical villages and towns. Like in many European countries, there are picturesque towns in Hungary but some villages have been […]

Wonders of North Macedonia

Landscape in North Macedonia

Wondermondo 🢖 World 🢖 Wonders of Europe 🢖 Wonders of North Macedonia Territory Wonders of North Macedonia   Highlights The diverse landscape of North Macedonia contains varied landmarks. The most interesting ones are: Byzantine churches and monasteries – some of the most interesting landmarks in North Macedonia are some old churches which contain valuable frescoes – possible predecessors of European Renaissance. Archaeological […]

Wonders of Slovakia

Spiš castle and Tatra mountains, Slovakia

Wondermondo 🢖 World 🢖 Wonders of Europe 🢖 Wonders of Slovakia Territory Wonders of Slovakia   Highlights This little and charming country has a good share of beautiful landmarks – both natural and man made. The most amazing wonders of Slovakia are: Historical towns – Slovakia has many picturesque towns with well preserved medieval centers. Some of the most impressive ones are […]

Wonders of Romania

Râșnov Citadel

Wondermondo 🢖 World 🢖 Wonders of Europe 🢖 Wonders of Romania Territory Wonders of Romania   Highlights This large country has very diverse landscape and has been a cradle for several prehistoric and ancient cultures. People here created distinct styles of architecture and built many amazing structures. The most amazing wonders of Romania are: Historical cities and towns. Many towns and cities […]

Wonders of Czechia

Centre of Prague, Czech Republic

Wondermondo 🢖 World 🢖 Wonders of Europe 🢖 Wonders of Czechia Territory Wonders of Czechia   Highlights The heritage of Czechia is very diverse and especially rich and diverse is man-made heritage – from archaeological landmarks to the achievements of modern architecture. The most amazing wonders of Czechia are: Historical cities and towns. Czechia has one of the most beautiful historical cities […]

Wonders of Bulgaria

Belogradchik fortress and cliffs, Bulgaria

Wondermondo 🢖 World 🢖 Wonders of Europe 🢖 Wonders of Bulgaria Territory Wonders of Bulgaria   Highlights Quite a few of the many wonders of Bulgaria are without analogs in the world. The most interesting places here are: Thracian heritage. Although Bulgaria has interesting prehistoric, Roman and Byzantian heritage, some of the most interesting archaeological landmarks are remnants of the unusual Thracian […]

Wonders of Austria

Salzburg Old City

Wondermondo 🢖 World 🢖 Wonders of Europe 🢖 Wonders of Austria Territory Wonders of Austria   Highlights This Alpine country has a very rich man-made heritage. Natural heritage is interesting as well and most of the country has got very impressive scenery. The most amazing wonders of Austria are: Historical cities and towns. People of Austria have been following and even creating […]

Wonders of Moldova

Valley of Dniester, Moldova

Wondermondo 🢖 World 🢖 Wonders of Europe 🢖 Wonders of Moldova Territory Wonders of Moldova   Highlights The heritage of Moldova is little known outside its borders but this does not mean that there is little to see. In fact, Moldova has some nearly unique and impressive landmarks, such as Europe’s earliest traces of human activity, unusual archaeological heritage, and gargantuan wine […]

Wonders of Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen valley and Staubbach, Switzerland

Wondermondo 🢖 World 🢖 Wonders of Europe 🢖 Wonders of Switzerland Territory Wonders of Switzerland   Highlights The gorgeous country of Switzerland is rich both with natural and human-made heritage. Here the most amazing wonders are: Historical abbeys – there are several very old and once influential monasteries with immense art values. Especially rich is Abbey of St. Gall – once an […]