Wonders of Bulgaria

Belogradchik fortress and cliffs, Bulgaria

Territory Wonders of Bulgaria   Highlights Quite a few of the many wonders of Bulgaria are without analogs in the world. The most interesting places here are: Thracian heritage. Although Bulgaria has interesting prehistoric, Roman and Byzantian heritage, some of the most interesting archaeological landmarks are remnants of the unusual Thracian culture. Unusual are Thracian shrines, […]

Wonders of Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen valley and Staubbach, Switzerland

Territory Wonders of Switzerland   Highlights The gorgeous country of Switzerland is rich both with natural and human-made heritage. Here the most amazing wonders are: Historical abbeys – there are several very old and once influential monasteries with immense art values. Especially rich is Abbey of St. Gall – once an important center of knowledge. Urban […]