Gediminas Tower in Vilnius

Wonders of Lithuania

Territory Wonders of Lithuania   Highlights The most interesting wonders of Lithuania are connected to human activities. In past Lithuania was one of the largest and most influential European countries and some landmarks still are a testimony for this. The most interesting landmarks of Lithuania are concentrated in its largest and most beautiful cities – Vilnius …

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Floral carpet in Grand Place, Brussels

Wonders of Belgium

Territory Wonders of Belgium   Highlights This picturesque country is very rich with great architecture. It is even hard to single out which architecture here is the most impressive and interesting – be it Romanesque and Gothic churches, extremely well-preserved castles and palaces, or the magnificent Art Nouveau jewels. The most impressive wonders of Belgium are: …

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Wonders of Albania

Territory Wonders of Albania   Highlights Albania is breathtakingly beautiful… and too little known although it is next to such giants in the world of tourism as Italy and Greece. There are some Albanian landmarks which are known better, e.g. ruins in Butrint and Old City of Gjirokastër but it seems – there is a lot …

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