Wonders of Lithuania

Gediminas Tower in Vilnius

Territory Wonders of Lithuania   Highlights The most interesting wonders of Lithuania are connected to human activities. In past Lithuania was one of the largest and most influential European countries and some landmarks still are a testimony for this. The most interesting landmarks of Lithuania are concentrated in its largest and most beautiful cities – Vilnius […]

Wonders of Belgium

Floral carpet in Grand Place, Brussels

Territory Wonders of Belgium   Highlights This picturesque country is very rich with great architecture. It is even hard to single out which architecture here is the most impressive and interesting – be it Romanesque and Gothic churches, extremely well-preserved castles and palaces, or the magnificent Art Nouveau jewels. The most impressive wonders of Belgium are: […]

Wonders of Luxembourg

Luxembourg City

Territory Wonders of Luxembourg   Highlights Although the list below might seem not too long, don’t be mislead: in spite of its small size, this is a very interesting and charming country. The most impressive and best-known wonders of Luxembourg are the Old City of its capital and Vianden Castle, but there is a lot more: […]

Wonders of Liechtenstein

Landscape near Steg, Liechtenstein

Territory Wonders of Liechtenstein   Highlights Liechtenstein is a small but spectacular country in the Alps. The most interesting landmarks here are two well-preserved medieval castles. Map with the described wonders Top 5 wonders of Liechtenstein Architecture wonders Vaduz Castle An impressive hilltop castle – palace. Oldest part of the castle is its keep, built in […]

Wonders of San Marino

Cesta fortress, San Marino

Territory Wonders of San Marino   Highlights In this beautiful microstate can be found numerous old structures that are located in a beautiful natural setting. By far the most impressive is the ensemble of the medieval City of San Marino with its mountaintop forts, narrow streets, and medieval buildings, with a multitude of views on the […]

Wonders of the Vatican City

St. Peter's Square, Vatican

Territory Wonders of the Vatican City   Highlights Vatican is a religious center of global importance and in spite of its minuscule size here are located several landmarks of world importance. In fact, these landmarks cover… a major part of this country. In the Vatican are located several of the world’s most important structures and artworks […]

Wonders of Greece

Meteora, Greece

Territory Wonders of Greece   Highlights Greece is one of the few countries in the world where are located centers of ancient civilizations. And not just one – but several. Archaeological and culture monuments there are older than in the remaining part of Europe and, in many cases – in the whole world. The most amazing […]

Wonders of Belarus

Mir Castle, Belarus

Territory Wonders of Belarus   Highlights Devastating wars have eliminated much heritage in Belarus. Thus, for example, quite a few towns here are older than 1000 years but only a few have complexes of historical buildings. The most amazing wonders of Belarus are: Churches of Kievan Rus’ times – some of the architecture jewels from these […]

Wonders of Albania


Territory Wonders of Albania   Highlights Albania is breathtakingly beautiful… and too little known although it is next to such giants in the world of tourism as Italy and Greece. There are some Albanian landmarks which are known better, e.g. ruins in Butrint and Old City of Gjirokastër but it seems – there is a lot […]

Wonders of Ireland

Old Library in Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland

Territory Wonders of Ireland   Highlights Regarding the attractions and landmarks, Ireland definitely has its own style! There are few other countries in Europe with such a wide array of archaeological and early medieval heritage. In some places this island is virtually packed with multiple unusual monuments – witnesses of bygone times, bearers of unique traditions […]