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Fakaofo village, Tokelau
Fakaofo village / CloudSurfer, Wikimedia Commons. CC BY 2.5

There is not much to tell about landmarks and specific attractions in Tokelau.

These three atolls consist of low lying islands. On Atafu atoll lives endemic click-beetle Alaus constrictus, on atolls has been found also freshwater ostracod Tungucypridopsis lairdi which is not known outside these islands.

People have lived here approximately for 1,000 years - remnants of older settlements are found mostly in the sites of current settlements.

In Fakaofo village there was a 5.5 m tall coral slab which personified primary deity of Tokelauans - Tui Tokelau. It was a centrepiece of yearly festivities. A smaller replica of this monument stands in the meeting house of Fakaofo today.

List of described attractions by atolls

Tokelau consists of three large atolls:


Fourth atoll - Swains Island - is part of Tokelau cultural realm but politically it is a part of American Samoa.

Map of Tokelau

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