Hoa Lư Citadel

Hoa Lư Citadel, gate
Hoa Lư Citadel, gate. / Kien1980v, / public domain
Citadel of the medieval capital of Vietnam, founded in the 10th century AD. Citadel was located among steep limestone pinnacles and was protected by some 10 m tall and up to 15 m thick earthen ramparts. Nowadays some parts of these ramparts and some temples remain.

Location, GPS coordinates: 20.2536 N 105.9525 E
Categories: Cities and towns, Fortresses and forts
Values: Architecture
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)
Where is located? Asia, Vietnam, Red River Delta, Ninh Bình Province, Hoa Lư District, Truong Yen Commune, Truong Yen Thuong village

Hoa Lư Citadel on the map


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