Today we can see just a part of Konark Sun Temple. But… what a part! Even the remaining structure belongs to the most impressive monuments of architecture in the world.

Rulers of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty – most likely king Narasimha Deva I – built this temple sometimes around 1250 AD. Medieval artisans designed the temple like a giant chariot, with all the wheels and horses. Initially, the temple had also more than 60 m tall tower, but now only the 30 m tall “chariot” is here.

Countless sophisticated reliefs adorn the structure, telling us a story of deep symbolic meaning… and not everything is understandable to us. Many of sculptural groups are erotic.

Konark Sun Temple, famous chariot wheels
Konark Sun Temple, famous chariot wheels / Damien Roué, Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

We do not know who and why destroyed part of the temple. The current structure was partly restored during the 19th century.

Location, GPS coordinates: 19.8876 N 86.0946 E
Categories: Religious architecture, Hindu shrines
Values: Architecture, Visual
Rating: 5 out of 10 stars
Where is located? Asia, India, Odisha, Puri District, in Konark town

Konark Sun Temple on the map
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