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Leang Tedongnge

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Limestone cave in a secluded karst gorge. In this cave has been found the oldest known painting made by man. This painting is at least 45 500 years old and shows a group of three wild pigs, most likely Sus celebensis.

Cave is located in a karst region that is rich with other caves and in many of these caves are found drawings of similar age. Locals are well aware of these caves but scientists learned about this cave only in 2017.

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GPS coordinates
4.9401 S 119.6723 E (mistake up to 600 m)
Location, address
Asia, Indonesia, Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Pangkajene Dan Kepulauan Regency, in a secluded karst valley that is flooded for the most part of the year
Caves, Prehistoric cave and rock paintings, Man made extremes

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