The summit of this mountain is one of the wettest places on Earth with an average rainfall of 9,500 mm. The maximum rainfall in 1982 reached 17,300 mm.

Thanks to the weather conditions here has formed a swampy biotope. It is protected now as Alaka’i Wilderness Preserve. The area contains numerous unique species. Numerous waterfalls – Wai’ale’ale Falls – are falling along the 600 m high wall of crater.

There is a wetter place in Hawaii – Big Bog in Maui.

Location, GPS coordinates: 22.06422 N 159.49892 W
Categories: Places with meteorological phenomena
Values: Meteorology, Geology, Visual
Rating: 3 out of 10 stars
Where is located? Oceania, United States, Hawaii, Kaua’i, Mount Wai’ale’ale

Mount Waialeale on the map
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