Former geothermal field where up to 1930ies were located several geysers. Spýtir was a bubbling basin of superheated water and around it were geysers erupting up to 0.5 m high. Currently, this area is silent, but there is another group of hot springs some 500 m to the south.

Spýtir Geothermal Field is included in the following article:

Geysers of Iceland
Geysers of Iceland on the map
Geysers of Iceland on the map / Wondermondo / public domain

Some of the world’s most popular geysers are located in Iceland. But few know about ALL active geysers in Iceland.

This article lists all the known active geysers in Iceland – some 20 – 29 of them. Here are listed also some 38 other places where geysers have existed in the past or features, which are similar to geysers but are not genuine geysers.

Location, GPS coordinates: 64.0173 N 21.181 W
Categories: Geothermal fields, Thermal springs, Geysers
Values: Geology, Visual
Rating: 1 out of 10 stars
Where is located? Europe, Iceland, Suðurland, to the north from Hveragerði town, east from Gufudalur

Spýtir Geothermal Field on the map
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