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World’s largest trees

Kamou no Ohkusu - the largest camphor tree in Japan
Kamou no Ohkusu – the largest camphor tree in Japan / Masahiko Ohkubo, Flickr / CC BY 2.0

WorldBlue  In short

Here are listed the world’s largest trees by the circumference of the champions of species. Circumference and diameter, if not stated otherwise, were measured at 1.3 – 1.5 m height.

Wondermondo has arranged the trees by the diameter of champions of species. In the list were included species with the known girth over 14 m or diameter over 4.45 m. In some countries the girth is measured more often while in some others is measured diameter. Here girth and diameter are put together, making the ranking in this list somewhat less credible – but reader can be sure that any of the trees listed here is very impressive! Selected more or less convincing measurements of existing trees.

Please note! This list is far from the final truth as there might be numerous other tree species with girth above 14 m!

Map of the described tallest trees

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WorldViolet List of the world’s largest trees

More than 30 m


Balete tree in Maria Aurora (Millenium Tree)

4.5 out of 10 stars 45.3%

Philippines, Aurora

Balete (Ficus balete Merr.) – a species closely related to Ficus benjamina or subspecies. The stem of this tree consists of multiple smaller stems and aerial roots and is hard to measure – but the diameter is 12 – 15 m. The height of this giant tree is 60 – 65 m. It can be disputed whether a tree with multiple, bundled trunks should be measured as one tree.

Balete tree in Maria Aurora, Philipppines
Balete tree in Maria Aurora / , Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Árbol del Tule

4.8 out of 10 stars 48.4%

Mexico, Oaxaca

One of the stoutest trees on Earth, Montezuma cypress (Taxodium mucronatum Ten., 1853). Girth 36.2 m, diameter 11.62 m, height 35.4 m. Discounting the buttresses of the trunk the diameter – 9.38 m. Volume 750 m3. Age estimated to be 1,400 – 1,600 years. Sacred Zapotec tree.

Árbol del Tule. Girth - 36.2 m
Árbol del Tule. Girth – 36.2 m / Gengiskanhg, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Sagole Tree

4.6 out of 10 stars 46.3%

South Africa, Limpopo Province

The stoutest known baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) with a circumference of 33.72 m. Up to 2009 the stoutest baobab and the world’s largest tree by the circumference was Glencoe Baobab – its trunk was 46.6 m large! It now has split into several parts.

Sagole Baobab, South Africa
Sagole Baobab / Lara Allen, Tshulu Trust, published with kind permission

Kapok in the Río Negro in Arquipélago de Anavilhanas

4.6 out of 10 stars 45.5%

Brazil, Amazonas

A giant Ceiba pentandra with a girth that exceeds 30 m at the height of 1.3 m. This is measures around the roots above the ground level. The tree is some 60 m high.

25 – 30 m


Captain Jack Sparrow / Jupiter

4.2 out of 10 stars 42.3%

United States, California

The stoutest announced coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl.), with a diameter of 8.9 m. It is possible that there is known also larger tree of this species.


General Grant Tree

5.1 out of 10 stars 50.8%

United States, California

Giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum (Lindl.)) with the largest mean diameter at the breast height. Height 81.5 m, diameter 8.8 m, volume 1,320 m3.

General Grant Tree sometimes around 1936
General Grant Tree sometimes around 1936 / George A. Grant, / public domain

Tnjri (Skhtorashen Tree)

4.1 out of 10 stars 40.8%

Azerbaijan, Yukhari-Karabakh

Giant Platanus orientalis tree, more than 2,000 years old, with a circumference of 27 m, 54 m tall.

Tnjri - possibly the world's largest plane-tree
Tnjri – possibly the world’s largest plane-tree / Norayr Ghazaryan, , CC BY-SA 3.0

Banyan in Lomteuheakal

4.3 out of 10 stars 43.3%

Vanuatu, Tafea, Tanna

One of the largest banyans (Ficus microcarpa) on the island, with an estimated circumference of 26 m. Next to the tree is located a local marketplace. There are larger banyan trees on the island (e.g. Kaluas), but mostly consist of numerous smaller trunks.

22 – 25 m


Kamou no Ohkusu

4.3 out of 10 stars 42.8%

Japan, Kyushu

Camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora (L.) J.Presl.) with a circumference of 24.2 m. The tree is some 30 m high, with an estimated age of 1,5 thousand years.

Kamou no Ohkusu, from the other side
Kamou no Ohkusu, from the other side / Tam0031, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Pù Mát Pride of Vietnam

4.2 out of 10 stars 41.8%

Vietnam, North Central Coast

The stoutest known sa mu tree Cunninghamia konishii, girth 23.7 m, height more than 70 m. The largest tree in Vietnam.


Reakaly baobab (Ampanihy baobab)

4.1 out of 10 stars 40.0%

Madagascar, Atsimo-Andrefana

The stoutest baobab Adansonia za (Baill.) with a girth of 23 m (the plaque at the tree says that 27 m). The possible largest tree in Madagascar.


Giant Tingle Tree ("Hollow trunk")

4.3 out of 10 stars 42.8%

Australia, Western Australia

The stoutest red tingle (Eucalyptus jacksonii), girth 22.3 m, 30 m high.

Giant Tingle Tree with a person in front of the tree, Western Australia
Giant Tingle Tree with a person in front of the tree / Amanda Slater, Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Baobabs of Mangoky Valley

4.1 out of 10 stars 41.3%

Madagascar, Haute Matsiatra

Possibly, the stoutest Grandidier’s baobabs (Adansonia grandidieri Baillon) in the world with a diameter of up to 7 meters.


Kita Kanegasawa

3.9 out of 10 stars 39.3%

Japan, Aomori Prefecture

The largest ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba L.) in Japan, girth 22 m, height 40 m, considered to be over 1,000 years old, with very large chichi (stalactite-like wood formations).


Wat Si Maha Pho bo tree

4.1 out of 10 stars 41.3%

Thailand, East

The largest bo tree (Ficus religiosa) in Thailand, with a circumference of some 22 m, a height of some 30 m. According to legend it is 2,000 years old and brought from the sacred Bo Tree in Sri Lanka.


Sweet chestnut in Nucifori

3.9 out of 10 stars 38.5%

Italy, Sicily

This tree (Castanea sativa Mill.) has a circumference of 22 m – but rather consists of several enormous trunks dividing close to the level of the soil. 22 m high.

20 – 22 m


Kermandie Queen

4.1 out of 10 stars 41.3%

Australia, Tasmania, Geeveston

The stoutest mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans F.Muell.). Circumference 21.65 m, height 77 m. Heavily suffered during the fire in January 2019.


Joshimath Kalpavriksha

4 out of 10 stars 39.8%

India, Uttarakhand

The stoutest known Himalayan mulberry (Morus serrata), with a circumference of 21.5 m. This sacred tree is believed to be 1,200 years old.


Taketakerau (Puriri in Opotiki)

4.1 out of 10 stars 40.8%

New Zealand, Bay of Plenty

The largest puriri (Vitex lucens), with a circumference of 21.3 m, a height of 20 m. Sacred tree, supposedly more than 2,000 years old. Burials inside its hollow have been found.


Juwu Bashen Mu (Cypress in Tai An)

4.1 out of 10 stars 40.8%

Taiwan, Miaoli

The stoutest known specimen in species (Chamaecyparis formosensis Matsum. 1901), diameter 6.56 m, 55 m high.


Mount Cripps Giant

4 out of 10 stars 39.8%

Australia, Tasmania

The stoutest known Australian oak Eucalyptus obliqua. Circumference 21.08 m, height 60.9 m.


Gongenyama’s Big Katsura

4.1 out of 10 stars 41.3%

Japan, Tōhoku

Giant katsura (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) with a circumference of 20 m, a height of 65 m.

17 – 20 m


Quinault Lake Red Cedar

4 out of 10 stars 40.0%

United States, Washington

The largest specimen of this species (Thuja plicata Donn ex D.Don), 55 m high, diameter of 6.04 m. Volume 500 m3, including the hollowed middle.


The Temple Fig

4 out of 10 stars 39.8%

Australia, New South Wales

Giant white fig (Ficus virens) which has a circumference of 19 m and is 36 m tall. The crown of the tree is 45 m wide.


Baji Cypress (King Cypress)

4.1 out of 10 stars 40.5%

Tibet, Nyingchi

The largest known giant cypress (Cupressus gigantea W. C. Cheng & L.K. Fu), height some 46 – 56 m, diameter – 5.8 m, approximately 2,600 years old (not testified).

Baji Cypress (King Cypress) in Tibet
Baji Cypress (King Cypress) / Kosi Gramatikoff, , public domain

Moreton Bay Fig in Bellingen

3.8 out of 10 stars 38.3%

Australia, New South Wales

Ficus macrophylla with a girth of 18 m, 50 m high. Here grow two trees together – if their trunks are measured together, the circumference is 29 m, but 18 m is the circumference of the largest tree.


Schenklengsfeld Lime

3.9 out of 10 stars 38.5%

Germany, Hesse

The biggest lime (Tilia platyphyllos Scop.) in circumference in Europe. Trunk has divided into four separate parts. Measurement at 1 m height gives an approximate circumference of 17.8 m.


Old Bottle Butt

4 out of 10 stars 39.5%

Australia, New South Wales, Wauchope

The stoutest known red bloodwood (Corymbia gummifera), circumference 17.5 m (16.3 m?), height 52 m.


Drago Milenario

4.7 out of 10 stars 47.0%

Spain, Canary Islands, Tenerife

The largest Canary Islands dragon tree (Dracaena draco) with a circumference of 17.4 m, a height – 16.4 m.

Drago Milenario, Tenerife
Drago Milenario, Tenerife / , Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The Fortingall Yew

3.5 out of 10 stars 34.5%

United Kingdom, Scotland

The oldest known yew (Taxus baccata). In the 18th century, the tree had a girth of 17.2 m, a diameter of 5.4 m. Now two parts remain.

Fortingall Yew in 1822
Fortingall Yew in 1822 / Sylva Britannica, 1822, Jacob George Strutt

16 – 17 m


Quinault Lake Spruce

4 out of 10 stars 39.5%

United States, Washington

The stoutest Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong) Carr.), circumference 16.97 m, height 58.2 m, volume 298 m3.


Te Matua Ngahere

4.3 out of 10 stars 43.3%

New Zealand, Northland

The stoutest contemporary kauri (Agathis australis (D.Don) Loudon). Girth 16.76 m, height 37.4 m.

Te Matu Ngahere in New Zealand. This is the stoutest kauri with a girth of 16.76 m
Te Matu Ngahere in New Zealand. This is the stoutest kauri with a girth of 16.76 m / Miguel A. Monjas, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Chengal in Gunung Mandi Angin

4.1 out of 10 stars 40.5%

Malaysia, Terengganu

The largest tree in Malaysia, enormous chengal (Neobalanocarpus heimii (King) P. Ashton), circumference of 16.75 m, 65 m high.


Maleny small-leaved fig

4 out of 10 stars 40.3%

Australia, Queensland

Very stout small-leaved fig (Ficus obliqua), circumference 16.55 m, height 49 m.


Brazil nuts at Itupiranga

3.7 out of 10 stars 37.0%

Brazil, Pará

Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa Humb. & Bonpl.) is one of the stoutest trees in Amazonia, reaching a diameter up to 5.25 m.


Jōmon Sugi

4.3 out of 10 stars 42.5%

Japan, Kagoshima Prefecture

The largest and oldest sugi tree (Cryptomeria japonica (L.f.) D.Don). Circumference 16.4 m, height 25.3 m. At least 2,000 years old.

Jōmon Sugi - the giant of Yakushima Forest, Japan
Jōmon Sugi – the giant of Yakushima Forest / 8 og, / CC BY 2.0

Ton Krabak Yai

4 out of 10 stars 40.0%

Thailand, Tak Province

Giant krabak tree, (Anisoptera costata Korth.), with a circumference of 16.10 m, 58 m tall.


Pakari Brikshya (Pakad, Falakasha, Devdaha banyan)

4 out of 10 stars 40.3%

Nepal, Lumbini

Enormous, beautiful weeping fig (Ficus benjamina). Circumference of its trunk is approximately 16 – 20 m, and height is approximately 20 m but the width of the crown is more than 30 m.


Patriarca da Floresta, Vassununga

4 out of 10 stars 40.0%

Brazil, São Paulo

The largest known jequitibá-rosa (Cariniana legalis), with a circumference of 16 m, a height of 49 m.

15 – 16 m


Sycamore in Santa Barbara

4 out of 10 stars 40.3%

United States, California

Enormous sycamore (Platanus racemosa), with a circumference of 15.9 m and 28.65 m in height.


Cat Island Bald Cypress

3.9 out of 10 stars 39.0%

United States, Louisiana

The largest bald cypress (Taxodium distichum var. distichum L. Rich. 1810) in the world. The trunk circumference is 15.9 m, height is 27.7 m. (2017)


Piquí tree (unspecified)


These trees (Caryocar villosum (Aubl.) exceed 15.7 m in circumference and are more than 50 m tall.


Higashine zelkova

3.9 out of 10 stars 38.8%

Japan, Tōhoku

The largest known Japanese zelkova (Zelkova serrata (Thunb.) Makino), with a circumference of 15.6 m, 28 m high.


Tokaling Tsenden Cypress

Bhutan, Wangdue Phodrang

Giant Bhutan Weeping cypress (Cupressus corneyana). Its circumference exceeds 15.5 m, also the height is significant.


Northern rata in Upper Hutt

3.9 out of 10 stars 39.3%

New Zealand, Wellington

The largest known northern rata (Metrosideros robusta), with a circumference of 15.39 m and a height of 39 m.


Herbig Tree

3.7 out of 10 stars 37.3%

Australia, South Australia

River red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh.) of unusual cone form, circumference 15.28 m, height just 14.0 m.

Herbig Tree

Myrtlewood Trail tree

3.8 out of 10 stars 38.3%

United States, Oregon

Californian laurel (Umbellularia californica) with a circumference of 15.27 m and a height of 30.8 m. The trunk of the tree becomes wider at its base – hence the enormous circumference.


Queets Fir

4.1 out of 10 stars 40.8%

United States, Washington

The stoutest coast Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) in the world. Diameter 4.85 m, height 61.0 m, volume 332 m3 (second largest for species).


Blackbutt "Benaroon"

3.9 out of 10 stars 39.3%

Australia, New South Wales, Johns River

The stoutest blackbutt (Eucalyptus pilularis Sm.). 60 m high, girth 15.1 m.

14 – 15 m


Whitelaw Tree

4 out of 10 stars 39.8%

Australia, Victoria, Mt. Baw Baw

The stoutest and also the largest shining gum (Eucalyptus nitens H.Deane & Maiden). 57.5 m high, girth 14.9 m, volume 200 m3.


The Boab Prison Tree, Derby

4.3 out of 10 stars 42.5%

Australia, Western Australia

An unusual boab (Adansonia gregorii F.Muell.), circumference 14.64 m (13.85 m?), height just 9.5 m. Used to lock up indigenous Australians in the 1860s on their way to sentencing.

The Boab Prison Tree, Western Australia. Girth 14.64 m
The Boab Prison Tree, Western Australia. Girth 14.64 m / , Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Dokuz Gol Foetid Juniper

3.9 out of 10 stars 39.0%

Turkey, Muğla Province

The stoutest foetid juniper (Juniperus foetidissima Willd. 1806), diameter 4.62 m, 25 m high.


Deodar cedar near Tolma

4 out of 10 stars 39.8%

India, Uttarakhand

Largest known deocar cedar (Cedrus deodara), with a circumference of approximately 14.5 m and a height of approximately 30 m.


Darejo (Errinundra Gum of Result Creek)

4 out of 10 stars 40.0%

Australia, Victoria

The largest tree in species (Eucalyptus denticulata I.O.Cook & Ladiges), circumference 14.4 m, height 62 m.



3.7 out of 10 stars 37.3%

Sweden, Kalmar County

Oak (Quercus robur L.) with the largest circumference in Europe. Circumference 14.4 m, height – only 14 m.


Alex Hole Cedar

3.8 out of 10 stars 38.0%

United States, Oregon

The stoutest incense-cedar (Calocedrus decurrens (Torrey) Florin 1956), diameter 4.56 m.


Fremont cottonwood in Skull Valley

3.9 out of 10 stars 39.3%

United States, Arizona

This is the largest currently known Fremont cottonwood (Populus fremontii S. Watson). The tree has a circumference of 14.22 m and a height of 31 m (2017). It was planted in 1917.


Chirinda Big Tree

4.1 out of 10 stars 40.8%

Zimbabwe, Manicaland

An enormous African Mahogany (Khaya anthoteca (Welw.) C. DC.), diameter at least 4.5 m, height at least 64 meters. Grows in the southernmost African rainforest – Chirinda Forest.


Sessile oak in Oak Lane

3.6 out of 10 stars 36.3%

United Kingdom, England, Cheshire

The largest known sessile oak (Quercus petraea) with a circumference of 14.05 m. The trunk is partly missing.

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