Tnjri (Skhtorashen plane-tree)

Tnjri in summer, Yukhari-Karabakh
Tnjri in summer / Ліонкінг, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

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Most likely the largest plane-tree (Platanus orientalis L.) in the world grows in Karabakh. This tree, reportedly, is more than 2,030 years old and its trunk has a circumference of 27 m.

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GPS coordinates
39.7045 N 46.9406 E
Location, address
Asia, Azerbaijan, Yukhari-Karabakh, Khojavend Rayon, Skhtorashen (Şıx Dursun) village
Alternate names
Skhtorashen plane-tree, Sose’s Tree, Qirmizi Bazar plane-tree, Karmir Shuka plane-tree, Krasnij Bazar plane-tree
Name in Armenian
Oriental plane (Platanus orientalis L.)
27 m
54 m

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Sacred tree

Once upon a time, Skhtorashen village was lively, full of people. Nowadays it is almost abandoned and the lush vegetation of Karabakh takes over the sites where some decades ago were standing houses. War and political uncertainty have left a heavy toll on this gorgeous land.

Not far from the village stands silent witness – giant tree. This plane tree, reportedly, is more than 2,000 years old and has seen a lot during its long life. According to stories this tree – Tnjri – has been visited by many famous people – such as the inventor of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots (the 5th century AD), first Armenian historian Movses Khorenatsi (the 5th century AD), musician and poet Sayat-Nova (the 18th century).

The tree is sacred to local people and traditions prohibit doing any harm to Tnjri. Not always this veneration is good for the tree – there are left countless inscriptions in the giant hollow, often there have been left burning candles in the hollow.

Unfortunately, more than once there have been attempts to incinerate the tree in the past but nevertheless, it lives. For a while, there was hired a guard to protect Tnjri.

Largest plane-tree in the world?

The circumference of the tree is very large – 27 m. It is not known to Wondermondo whether this is measured at the base of Tnjri or at the classic 1.3 m height. One source (In Russian: Anokhin G.I., 1999., Three fates) states that circumference at the base is 31.5 m, thus it is possible that 27 m are measured at the breast height.

Tnjri - possibly the world's largest plane-tree
Tnjri – possibly the world’s largest plane-tree / Norayr Ghazaryan, , CC BY-SA 3.0

The height of Tnjri is very impressive – 54 m. The tree has a hollow with an area of 44 m², and the projection of foliage on the ground is 1,400 m² large.

Between the roots of this tree starts Tengru spring – the main supply of water to Skhtorashen village. Tengru in Armenian means “remote water”.

Tnjri was declared to be the largest and oldest tree in the former Soviet Union. Most likely it is the largest plane tree in the world.

It is known that some time ago there was a larger one: in the last century there existed a giant plane tree in Turkey, Büyükdere village which, reportedly, had 32 m in circumference – but no trace of this tree remains.

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