General Grant Tree

General Grant Tree sometimes around 1936

Wonder General Grant Tree   In short Those who have seen this tree say that no images, numbers or descriptions can create the real life impression. General Grant Tree by all accounts is an unforgettable view – this is the third largest tree in the world, a giant sequoia with a circumference of 27.8 m and […]

Del Norte Titan

Wonder Del Norte Titan   In short Coast redwood is the tallest tree in the world, but also the girth of its trunk is very large. Del Norte Titan has the largest circumference of single trunk in this species – 22.73 m. Rating 48.3% GPS coordinates 41.8 N 124.11 W (approximately, exact location not shown) Location, […]

Kamou no Ohkusu

Kamou no Ohkusu - the largest camphor tree in Japan

Wonder Kamou no Ohkusu   In short The largest camphor tree Cinnamomum camphora in Japan and, possibly, world is Kamou no Ohkusu. Circumference of its trunk is 24.22 m! Rating 42.8% GPS coordinates 31.7657 N 130.5695 E Location, address Asia, Japan, Kyushu, Kagoshima Prefecture, north-west from the centre of Aira city, in Kamō, next to Hachiman […]

Balete tree in Maria Aurora (Millenium Tree)

Balete tree in Maria Aurora, Philipppines

Wonder Balete tree in Maria Aurora (Millenium Tree)   In short There is eerie and somewhat creepy balete tree amidst papaya plantations near Maria Aurora village. It is some 60 – 65 m tall and some 60 adult people are needed to get their arms around this incredible tree. This is Millenium Tree – one of […]

Sagole Tree (Sagole Baobab)

Sagole Baobab, South Africa

Wonder Sagole Tree (Sagole Baobab)   In short The Champion tree of South Africa is Sagole Baobab. This really means something – in South Africa there are some of the stoutest trees of the world. Rating 47.3% GPS coordinates 22.5000 S 30.63324 E Location, address Africa, South Africa, Limpopo Province, Mutale Municipality, Vendaland, east from Tshipise […]