Csarite mine in Ilbir Mountains

Csarite™ - natural crystal and cut gems

The world’s only csarite mine. This variety of diaspore changes color: in daylight, it is yellowish green, and in incandescent light – reddish pink.

Tranomaro grandidierite mine

Faceted Tranomaro grandidierite, one of the very few gem-quality stones of this kind

The richest find of gem-quality grandidierite in the world – some 60 grams have been found. This find was discovered in May 2014.

Blue garnets of Bekily

Color change of the unique Bekily blue garnet

The only commercial find of blue garnets in the world, a pyrope-spessartine with vanadium content. Some of these stones have a color change effect – from blue in daylight to red in artificial light.