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Misen River ominelite find

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There is only one known place where can be found gemstone quality ominelite. It is located in a gorgeous place – Misen River gorge in the fabulous Omine Mountains, Japan.

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GPS coordinates
34.2111 N 135.8944 E
Location, address
Asia, Japan, Kansai, Nara Prefecture, Yoshino County, Omine Mountains near Tenkawe village, at Misen River

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Ominelite was discovered in the granite rocks along Misen River in Omine Mountains in 1999 and scientifically described in 2002. This mountainous locality is known for its scenic beauty and numerous historical landmarks – temples and shrines scattered in mountains and forests.

The transparent, pale blue grains of ominelite are quite small, not exceeding 5 mm. This gemstone in its chemical composition is similar to another very rare (albeit not THAT rare) gemstone – grandidierite.

Smaller grains of ominelite have been found also in Czechia and Norway.


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