Liang Bua – the cave of the mysterious Homo floresiensis

Liang Bua cave, Flores, Indonesia

Wonder Liang Bua – the cave of the mysterious Homo floresiensis   In short There happen unusual discoveries but few have been as weird as the sensational finds in the sediments of Liang Bua cave in 2003. Turns out – some 50 thousand years ago in Flores island lived minuscule, dwarf people (Homo floresiensis) who hunted […]

Abanda Caves – caves of unique bat-eating crocodiles

Crocodile in Abanda Caves

Wonder Abanda Caves – caves of unique bat-eating crocodiles   In short Group of caves in the rainforest of eastern Gabon – Abanda Caves – has a very special secret. Here, in eternal darkness lives a group of crocodiles which seem to be turning into a new species. Rating 29.3% GPS coordinates 45.6656 N 13.9879 E […]

Ol Doinyo Lengai

Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania

Wonder Ol Doinyo Lengai   In short There is only one volcano in the world which is erupting carbonatite lava: Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania. This is not just another dry fact for nerdy scientists: this volcano is a very unusual place without analogues in the world. Rating 51.8% GPS coordinates 2.7596 S 35.9140 E Location, […]

Patomskiy Crater

Patomskiy Crater, Russia

Wonder Patomskiy Crater   In short Local people have superstitious fear of this natural mystery – Patomskiy Crater. This place is unusual indeed and up to this time, we do not know for sure how it formed. People created many exotic theories, some even involving fallen UFO with a nuclear engine. Currently, most specialists consider that […]

Ikaite tufa columns in Ikka Fjord

Ikaite columns in Ikka Fjord, Greenland

Wonder Ikaite tufa columns in Ikka Fjord   In short In the waters of Ikka Fjord in Greenland has formed amazing and, most likely, unique natural landmark – a "forest" of white columns which rise from the bottom of the fjord nearly reaching the surface of the water. These columns – Ikka column garden – have […]

Oklo Mines – the only natural nuclear reactor

Flooded mine in Mounana, Oklo in Gabon

Wonder Oklo Mines – the only natural nuclear reactor   In short First time when humans launched a nuclear chain reaction was in 1942, in Chicago. But there is one place on Earth where nature itself launched a natural nuclear reactor some 1.8 – 1.7 billion years ago: Oklo Mines in Gabon, Africa. Rating 33.3% GPS […]

Daikoku Sulfur Cauldron

Daikoku Sulphur Cauldron at the moment of discovery, Northern Marianas

Wonder Daikoku Sulfur Cauldron   In short Earlier people thought that lakes of liquid sulfur are found only in outer space, not on Earth. But some are known also on Earth – in deep seas some were discovered in 2005 – 2006. The most impressive of these sulfur lakes is Daikoku Sulfur Cauldron. Rating 46.3% GPS […]

Usterling Growing Rock (Johannisfelsen)

Usterling Growing Rock, Bavaria

Wonder Usterling Growing Rock (Johannisfelsen)   In short Sometimes humans can help the nature in creation of its wonders and Usterling Growing Rock in Bavaria is one of such cases. Thanks to centuries long effort nature and humans developed a highly unusual formation – natural, up to 5.4 m tall stone wall. Fresh spring water flows […]

Lake Bonney – lake in Antarctica with laughing gas

Lake Bonney from satellite, Antarctica. Inscription "Lake Bonney" is on the eastern lobe.

Wonder Lake Bonney – lake in Antarctica with laughing gas   In short McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica are rich with very unusual landmarks – almost everything in this extreme environment is unique. Lake Bonney – one of the few liquid lakes in Antarctica – is one of such unusual landmarks. Nowhere else on Earth there […]

Naica Cave of the Crystals

In the Cave of the Crystals, Mexico

Wonder Naica Cave of the Crystals   In short It is possible that entrails of the Earth hide more caves like this – but up to this day Naica Cave of the Crystals is unique. The chamber of this improbable cave is adorned with phantasmagoric crystals of incredible size – it looks like a surreal fantastic […]