Nobbies Blowhole

Nobbies Blowhole

At the end of a narrow sea bay in the basalt has formed some 12 m long sea cave. As the waves enter the cave it fires a nearly horizontal plume of mist and water.

Maingon Blowhole

Some 40 m deep, narrow sinkhole – a collapse of a sea cave. It is dangerous to attempt to see its bottom but the waves can be heard from it.

Port Campbell Blowhole

Port Campbell Blowhole

A sinkhole – collapse in the roof of sea cave in the spectacular Loch Ard. It is possible that for a while here existed a blowhole with fountain but currently this is a sinkhole with raging sea-water seen in it. This blowhole is loud.

Blackman’s Bay Blowhole

Impressive collapsed sea cave – former blowhole. Now it forms a large natural bridge with a road going over it.

Frazer Blowhole

Sea cave in Frazer Blowhole

Collapsed sea cave – former blowhole. At high tide, certain wind directions and wave height here still is observed a vertical fountain but this is rare.

Dudley Beach blowholes

Blowholes at Dudley Beach

Blowholes in granite fissures and also smaller caves. At correct wind direction the fountains and splashes are up to 10 m high.