Moku Aeae Blowhole

Blowhole on Moku Aeae

At certain wave direction and rough weather from the cliffs through a blowhole rises up to 20 m tall fountain of mist and water.

Pirate Cave (Waiwaipuhi Sea Cave)

Entrance in Waiwaipuhi Sea Cave

Enormous sea cave, 290 m long. It can be accessed only from the sea. Over the entrance falls a waterfall – thus every visitor gets a shower from it. During the winter, as the power of the waves increases, the entrance into the cave turns into a blowhole – the pressure of the air from the cave pushed back the waves, creating a fountain of mist and water.

Open Ceiling Cave

Collapsed sea cave – a circular sea basin that is connected to the sea with a large cave – natural arch that is some 13 m wide. Sea waves enter this cave. In the middle of this basin stands small island – remnants of the fallen cave ceiling.

Pools of Mokolea

Group of several tide pools and also one blowhole. This blowhole does not produce large splashes but it looks impressive due to a visual effect – in many images, it looks as if the ocean is falling into this hole.

Makena Blowhole

Small blowhole in one of the most recent lava flows on Maui.

Toilet Bowl in Oahu

Large hole in the rocks. With each wave, the level in this hole rises and then falls again through a cave. During storms here might rise fountains of water. Earlier this was a beloved swimming place, albeit dangerous. Now it is fenced off.

City of Arches at Honaunau Bay

Some 3 km long stretch of sea shore with numerous interesting geological formations in pahoehoe lava: natural arches, sinkholes and also several blowholes.

Spitting Caves in Oahu

One of the Spitting Caves, Oahu

Sea caves with blowholes. As the wave enters the cave, air pressure forces a slanted fountain of mist and water.

Blowhole in Waianapanapa State Park

Blowholes in Waianapanapa State Park

This blowhole sometimes produces violent, powerful fountains of seawater. For the most time though it emits a hissing, roaring sound and fountains of mist.