Tulja Lena, Junnar

Tulja Lena, plan of Cave 2

A group of 11 rock-cut Buddhist temples. One of them was turned into a Hindu shrine. Made in the 1st – 3rd c. AD, one shrine contains paintings.

Ajanta Caves – rock cut Buddhist temples

Ajanta Caves, Cave No 20 in the forefront

One of the most beautiful rock-cut temple complexes in the world. It was developed in the 2nd century BC – 480 AD. In total there are 28 – 30 rock-cut structures, containing murals and sculptures of high importance to the culture of mankind.

Shivneri Caves, Junnar

Shivneri Caves in India, southern wall

A group of 50 rock-cut caves – Buddhist and Hindu shrines. Made in the 1st – 3rd c. AD, contain inscription and remnants of paintings.

Manmod Caves, Junnar

A group of 40 – 45 rock-cut Buddhist and Jain temples. Made in the 1st – 11th c. AD, in some caves are sculptures and traces of paintings.

Lenyadri Caves, Junnar

A group of some 40 rock-cut caves – Buddhist temples with sculptures, traces of paintings. Made in the 1st – 3rd c. AD.

Kuda Caves

Kuda Caves, India

A group of ancient rock-cut Buddhist caves in central Maharashtra at Janjira creek. Kuda Caves were made in the 1st c. BC – 3rd c. AD.

Jogimara Cave, Sita Bengra Cave

Jogimara Cave, India

These caves served as ancient theater approximately 300 BC. Valuable inscriptions such as the world’s oldest love message.

Malayadipatti rock-cut Hindu temples

Malayadipatti Vishnu temple (Pallikonda Perumal Temple), Tamil Nadu

These rock-cut temples were made in the 8th – 9th century AD and have fine reliefs and paintings. Natural caves nearby with Mesolithic petroglyphs.

Saspol Caves

Saspol Caves, paintings of Buddhist pantheon, India

A group of rock-cut Buddhist temples from the 13th – 15th century. 4 temples contain interesting paintings.

Karsamble Caves

37 ancient Buddhist rock-cut cave temples, created around the 2nd c. AD. Contain traces of medieval paintings.