Thanale Caves

28 ancient rock-cut Buddhist caves, built in the 3rd – 2nd century BC. Contain traces of ancient paintings.

Thirunadhikkara Cave Temple

Rock-cut Jain temple from the 7th century AD, in the 9th – 10th century AD turned into Hindu shrine, adorned with frescoes.

Murugan Temple, Thiruparankundram

One of the most important shrines of Tamil Hindus. The rock-cut cave from the 8th century and forepart built in the 16th – 18th century.

Undavalli Caves

Four storied Undavalli caves, Andhra Pradesh

A rock-cut four-storied cave temple from the 4th – 5th century AD. Contains valuable artwork including paintings.

Bhimbetka cave shelters

Cave art in Bhimbetka caves, India

Group of caves containing a rich collection of cave art, up to 9,000 years old. Some caves have been inhabited for more than 100,000 years.