Santa Maria della Salute, Venice

Santa Maria della Salute, Venice

The last and most beautiful “plague church” in Venice. One of the most outstanding Baroque structures, built in 1631-1687.

Pisa Cathedral

Pisa Cathedral. Italy

An impressive monument of European medieval Romanesque architecture, the cathedral was started in 1063 and rebuilt several times. Next to it, the baptistry was started around 1153 and the construction of the famous leaning bell tower was started in 1173-1372.

Florence Cathedral

Florence Cathedral in the night, Italy

One of the most impressive churches in the world, the largest building in medieval Europe. Constructed in 1296 – 1469. Designed mostly in Gothic style, but considered to be one of the first Renaissance buildings.

Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral, Italy

One of the most impressive Gothic buildings in the world, constructed in 1386 – 1965.