Impressive and beautiful waterfall on Þjórsá river. Waterfall is some 12 m tall and 52 m wide. The river below the falls has an unusual turquoise color, if there are no floods.

Location, GPS coordinates: 64.0567 N 19.8665 W
Categories: Waterfalls
Values: Geology, Visual
Rating: 3.5 out of 10 stars
Where is located? Europe, Iceland, Suðurland, Skeiða- og Gnúpverjahreppur and Ásahreppur, on Þjórsá River
Alternate names: Thjofafoss
Height: 12 m
Width: 52 m
Drops: 1
Stream: Þjórsá

Þjófafoss (Þjórsá) on the map
[travelers-map height=320px this_post=true init_maxzoom=9]
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