Most interesting landmarks of British Virgin Islands

Below are listed the most amazing natural and man made landmarks of British Virgin Islands.

Natural landmarks of British Virgin Islands

  • Guana Island ecosystem – Guana. This small island has very high biological diversity, this is the only place where bromeliad Pitcairnia jareckii is found.
  • Sea caves of Norman Island – Norman Island. 3 caves at water level, interesting destination for snorkeling.
  • The Baths – Virgin Gorda. Unusual beach with giant granite boulders with amazing grottoes in between.

Man made landmarks of British Virgin Islands

The Copper Mine, British Virgin Islands
The Copper Mine / Legis, / public domain
  • Belmont Bay Settlement – Tortola. Prehistoric site (around 900 – 1500 AD) with remnants of the oldest ball court in Caribbean. Site contains remnants of roundhouses and sites of possible ceremonial activities, burials. Ball court has two standing stones, one contains a petroglyph of the sun.
  • Fort George – Tortola. Remnants of British (Dutch?) fort, built mainly in the late 18th century.
  • Fort Recovery – Tortola. Early example of Martello tower fort – a free standing tower at the beach. Most likely built before 1646.
  • Long Look Estate (John Lettsom House) – Tortola. Possibly the oldest free black estate in Americas. Slaves of this farm were freed in 1776.
  • St. Phillip’s Church – Tortola. Possibly the oldest free black church in Americas. Church was built after 1831 and is in ruins now.
  • The Copper Mine – Virgin Gorda. Ruins of abandoned copper mine, which was active in 1837 – 1862. Contains one of the oldest Cornish beam engines in the world, built in 1836. Area contains semiprecious stones, including malachite.
  • Treasure of Norman Island – Norman Island. In the 18th century Spanish and pirates left treasure on this small island. Part of it was found, but there are rumors that more is hidden and not found yet.

Described landmarks of British Virgin Islands

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British Virgin islands is a British overseas territory.
These small islands, for the most part, are picturesque, forest-covered hills rising from the blue Caribbean. Only the Anegada island is low lying coral island, others are formed by volcanic processes.

Recommended books

British Virgin Islands Adventure & Dive Guide

Loaded with information for everything there is to see and do. The colorful maps have shaded relief on land masses and hues of blue to denote water depths.

Fodor’s U.S. & British Virgin Islands

The history, beautiful beaches, myriad activities, good food, and no-passport-required status of the U.S. Virgin Islands makes St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix inviting beach destinations for many Americans. Tortola and the British Virgin Islands are also popular destinations for cruise ships and sun seekers, although with over 60 islands, it’s easy to find a quiet and serene oasis.

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