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Wonders of Cocos Islands (Keeling Islands)

South Keeling Island from space
South Keeling Island from space / , Wikimedia Commons / public domain

WorldBlue  Highlights

Cocos Islands or Keeling Islands are two low-lying corall atolls – Australian external territory.

Map with the described wonders

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WorldViolet Top wonders of Cocos islands

Biological wonders

North Keeling natural forest

In this forest lives endemic subspecies of rail – Cocos buff-banded rail (Gallirallus philippensis andrewsi) and numerous other birds. Here is located also possibly the largest red-footed booby colony in the world.

Architecture wonders

Oceania House

Local museum and the old house of local rulers – Clunies-Ross family.

WorldYellow Recommended books

Cocos Keeling Islands

Join your exotic tour guide Otis, the owl, for a weekend in a remote Australian paradise in the Indian Ocean.

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