Most interesting landmarks of Coral Sea Islands Territory

Islands are located in warm tropical sea and reefs. Biological research here is far from being complete. Here have been found several interesting species of sea animals which are not known outside this area. Recent dates of these discoveries mean that more unknown species of sea animals here are waiting for their discoverers.

Thus only in Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs is found Sally’s Eviota (Eviota readerae), described in 2004. This is very small (up to 1.8 cm) fish. Another endemic fish – Tiger Blenny (Ecsenius tigris) is met in several atolls in this territory, it is becoming fairly popular aquarium fish, up to 5 cm long. 8 – 12 cm long fish Pseudocoris aequalis thus far has been found only in Holmes Reef, first described in 2008.

Small (1.3 – 1.7 mm) pseudoscorpion Nannochelifer paralius was discovered in the beach of Turtle Islet (Lihou Reef) and scientifically described in 1984.

Elizabeth Reef is considered to be the southernmost atoll in the world, 8.2 by 5.5 km large, with well formed ring of dry land and inner lagoon.

Described landmarks of Coral Sea Islands Territory

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Coral Sea Islands Territory is large sea area with scattered small islands, a possession of Australia.
Only few of these islands have vegetation, all islands are very low. Only Willis island is inhabited by the staff of weather monitoring station.

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