Most interesting landmarks of Crozet Islands

Below are listed the most amazing natural and man made landmarks of Crozet Islands.


These remote islands are inhabited by some 25 millions of seabirds of more than 30 species – in this respect this location is unsurpassed in the world. Islands have also a significant amount of endemic insects and several endemic plants.

Penguins in Crozet Islands, Possession Island
Penguins in Crozet Islands, Possession Island / , Flickr / CC BY 2.0
  • Île de l’Est. The largest known community of breeding seabirds in the world, contains breeding birds of 32 species. Many of these species are represented by tens of thousands of birds and three species – Pelecanoides georgicus, Pelecanoides urinatrix and Pachyptila salvini salvini are represented by millions of birds. Here are also three species of endemic plants and 59 endemic arhtropods.
  • Île aux Cochons. The largest rookery of penguins Aptenodytes patagonicus (some 0.5 million pairs) in the world. Here live many millions of other birds. Two endemic plant species, 59 endemic species of arthropods.
  • Rocher Percé – Isles of Apostles. Enormous cliff rising from the sea, 110 m tall. Rock has a large hole in its lower part.

The islands have numerous impressive waterfalls (see this image).

Described landmarks of Crozet Islands

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The islands are a part of French Southern and Antarctic Lands – an overseas territory of France.
The Crozet Islands are small sub-Antarctic islands with a dramatic, mountainous landscape. This group of islands consists of three larger islands and two groups of smaller islands.
Except for Île de la Possession, islands are closed for tourists.

Recommended books

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Crozet Archipel : Cochons / Apotres / Pingouins 2013

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