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Wonders of Lesotho

Mountains in Lesotho
Mountains in Lesotho / Di Jones, Flickr / CC BY 2.0.

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This exotic, landlocked country is located high in the mountains – it is the only country in the world entirely above 1,000 m in elevation.

Lesotho is a friendly country with gorgeous scenery. The most amazing wonders of Lesotho are the impressive horseshoe waterfalls, including the world-class Maletsunyane Falls, as well as the amazing plateau – fortress Thaba-Bosiu and prehistoric rock art.

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WorldViolet Top 25 wonders of Lesotho

Geological wonders

Maletsunyane Falls


192 m tall waterfall – vertical plunge.

Maletsunyane Falls, Lesotho
Maletsunyane Falls / BagelBelt, Wikimedia Commons, public domain
Ketane Falls

Mohale’s Hoek

An impressive, 122 m tall horsetail fall.

Lepaqoa Waterfall


Nearly vertical, some 60 m tall horsetail waterfall that freezes over in the winter.

Ribaneng Falls


Some 100 m tall, almost vertical waterfall.

Qiloane Falls


Wide fantail waterfall.

Biological wonders

Subeng Dinosaur Track


Set of diverse dinosaur footprints in the sandstone and exposed in the bed of a stream. There are several such tracks in Lesotho.

Archaeological wonders



Sandstone plateau – a natural fortress that rises almost 120 m above the surroundings. It was used as a stronghold in the early 19th century by the Basotho people, during the war with Ndebele and served as de facto capital. The fortress was never taken. Near the mountain are caves. There in the 19th century lived cannibals, in some rock shelters are prehistoric paintings.

Thaba-Bosiu fortress, Lesotho
Thaba-Bosiu fortress / K. Kendall, Flickr / CC BY 2.0
Liphofung Cave (shelter)


A large overhang of a sandstone cliff, used as a shelter for San and other Stone Age people. Walls are adorned with rock art, the floor is covered with valuable sediments, and rich with archaeological artifacts.

Qomoqomong Valley Petroglyphs


Caves with prehistoric San drawings.

Architecture wonders

Letseng Diamond Mine


World’s highest diamond mine. Diamonds here are found comparatively rarely but are huge, this find has the highest percentage of large diamonds in the world.

WorldYellow Recommended books

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The Mountain School: Three Years Learning as a Peace Corps Teacher in Lesotho, Africa

The Kingdom of Lesotho is a mountainous enclave in southern Africa, and like mountain zones throughout the world, it is isolated, steeped in tradition, and home to few outsiders. The people, known as Basotho, are respected in the area as the only tribe never to be defeated by European colonizers. Greg Alder arrives in Tšoeneng in 2003 as the village’s first foreign resident since 1966.

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