Most interesting landmarks of Mayotte

Below are listed the most amazing natural and man made landmarks of Mayotte.

  • Chissioua Mbouzi – small island, which is covered with tropical dry forest. Contains numerous species of plants endemic to Mayotte, including some plants found only here. On the island live some 750 brown lemurs (Eulemur fulvus mayottensis) – the only place where they live in wild (partly, as they are fed by people).
  • Baobab of Musicale beach – the largest baobab tree on the island, with a circumference of 28 m.
  • Mount Benara forest – the only high-altitude forest in Mayotte, area approximately 185 ha. Numerous endemic and rare species of animals and plants.
  • Rouaka Falls – approximately 20 m tall waterfall near Ouangani village.
  • Sakouli beach – beautiful beach with numerous giant baobabs.
  • Soulou Falls – gorgeous waterfall at the beach.
  • Tsingoni Mosque – old mosque which was built in 1538 by Tsingoni sultans. Their graves are located nearby.

Described landmarks of Mayotte

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Tourism Mayotte is an island that has some thousands of people inside it, these people are of mixed….. More will be discovered in this book, but for your awareness, this tiny nation is still hidden to many people, and it is a big loss of opportunity in tourism and vacations, Mayotte is a tourist destination due to its location and environment, the people that made up this tiny country are wonderful people in nature…

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