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Wonders of Monaco

Rock of Monaco
Rock of Monaco / Paul Downey, Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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The world’s second smallest state is also world’s richest – and it shows!

The most amazing wonders of Monaco are its opulent buildings – its famous casino and opera, hotels and city palaces.

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WorldViolet Top 9 wonders of Monaco

Geological wonders

The Observatory Cave

Natural cave at the foot of Exotic Gardens, with stalactites and stalagmites, curtains, helictites, also some rimstone dams. Cave contains evidence of prehistoric settlement by humans up to 200,000 years old and near it has been established anthropology museum.

Architecture wonders

Monte Carlo Casino

Large, historically important gambling complex. The ornate structure was built in the 19th century, gradually expanding it. It is an outstanding example of the Beaux-Arts style.

Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco
Monte Carlo Casino / tinman6, Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0
Prince’s Palace of Monaco

The royal palace of the rulers of Monaco. This castle was built in 1191 by Genoese and since the end of the 13th century – a stronghold of the Grimaldi family. Princes of Monaco have often rebuilt and extended this large building. The structure includes medieval fortifications, Renaissance palazzi, and wonderful Baroque interiors.

Oceanographic Museum

An enormous museum, constructed in the Neo-Baroque style in 1910. The creation and construction of this museum were initiated and led by Prince Albert I. The enormous building is towering on the cliff above the Mediterranean and has rich collections relating to sea fauna and exploration. In the basement is a large aquarium.

HĂ´tel de Paris Monte-Carlo

Luxury hotel in Beaux-Arts style, built in 1863.

Opéra de Monte-Carlo

Ornate opera building, coupled with the famous Monte Carlo Casino. Built in 1879, designed by the famous Beaux-Arts designer and architect Charles Garnier. Opulent interiors.

Exotic Gardens

Botanical gardens with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean and a very rich collection of succulents. The garden is perched on the top of a 98 m tall cliff.

Monaco Cathedral

Large cathedral in the old city, consecrated in 1875 and built in Neo-Romanesque style. Located on the site where the first church in Monaco was built in 1252.

Monaco Cathedral
Monaco Cathedral / Berthold Werner, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0
Napoleon Museum

Museum at the Prince’s Palace. In this museum are located numerous items that belonged to Napoleon – letters, clothing, and other possessions from his exile in Saint Helena.

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