Most interesting landmarks of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Below are listed the most amazing natural and man made landmarks of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Natural landmarks of Saint Kitts and Nevis

  • Bat Cave – Saint Kitts. Small cave, bat habitat.
  • Mont Liamuiga cloud forest – Saint Kitts. Pristine cloud forest on the top of dormant volcano. Volcano has impressive, forested crater with small lake in it. Beautiful views on the surrounding volcanic islands.
  • Nevis Peak cloud forest – Nevis. Pristine cloud forest on the top of 985 m tall Nevis Peak. Remarkable views from the top.

Man made landmarks of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Brimstone Hill Fortress, Saint Kitts
Brimstone Hill Fortress / Jeremy T. Hetzel, / CC BY 2.0
  • Brimstone Hill Fortress – Saint Kitts. One of the best preserved and largest historical fortifications in Caribbean, built by British and black people in the 18th century and nicknamed "The Gibraltar of the West Indies".
  • Fort Charles – Saint Kitts. Remnants of large fortification, built in 1670 by British. Now abandoned and overgrown.
St. George's Anglican Church in Basseterre
St. George’s Anglican Church in Basseterre / J. Stephen Conn, / CC BY-SA 1.0
  • Basseterre Co-Cathedral of Immaculate Conception – Saint Kitts, Basseterre. Catholic church, built in the site of earlier historical church in 1928. Ornate building.
  • St. George’s Anglican Church – Saint Kitts, Basseterre. This church was built in Neo-Gothic style in 1844 – 1859.
  • Hermitage Plantation – Nevis. The oldest existing wooden building in Caribbean, built in 1740 from lignum vitae tree.
  • Spooner’s Estate – Saint Kitts. Well preserved historical estate from the 17th century.
Other man made landmarks
  • Basseterre historical center – Saint Kitts. Center of small historical town which was founded in 1627 by the French. Although the town has suffered in warfare and natural catastrophes, numerous historical buildings have been preserved.
  • Bath Hotel – Nevis. Historical luxury hotel, built in 1778 next to a hot spring. Once it attracted much social life.
  • Bloody River (Stone Fort) – Saint Kitts. Ravine with steep cliff sides, adorned with more than one hundred petroglyphs. Ceremonial site for indigenous people. In 1626 during the ceremony white colonists killed more than 2000 local people.
  • Botanical Gardens of Nevis – Nevis. Beautiful park in rainforest.

Described landmarks of Saint Kitts and Nevis

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These two islands in fact are two volcanoes rising from the Caribbean. In spite of their small size Saint Kitts and Nevis have been important and well fortified sugar producing colonies.
Today there are left impressive forts, historical buildings… and a gruesome landmark to the cruelty of white colonists – Bloody River.

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