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Wonders of Singapore

Evening in Singapore
Evening in Singapore / Erwin Soo, Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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Albeit it is small, Singapore now is one of the world’s most developed nations and it shows in its wonders: here are found several marvels of modern architecture and engineering. Quite a few locations in Singapore look like a glimpse into the far future of technologically advanced civilization.

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WorldViolet Top 12 wonders of Singapore

Biological wonders and legends

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

1.64 km² large patch of rainforest in the middle of a major city, one of the few places in the world with natural rainforest in the city. This is a well-preserved fragment of the rainforest with more than 840 species of plants and more than 500 species of fauna.

The virgin Bukit Timah rainforest and city of Singapore in the background
The virgin Bukit Timah rainforest and city of Singapore in the background / Soham Banerjee, Flickr / CC BY 2.0
Bukit Timah Monkey Man

Although the Bukit Timah rainforest is very small and surrounded by a modern city, there are reports about hominids living in this forest.

Crab-eating macaques in Bukit Timah, Singapore
Crab-eating macaques in Bukit Timah / William Cho, Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Architecture wonders

Marina Bay Sands

The world’s most expensive building with the costs of its development reaching 5.7 billion USD. Construction was completed in 2011 and involved a number of innovative technologies. This iconic building consists of three 55-floor hotel towers topped with a single structure – SkyPark at the height of 200 meters. SkyPark includes the unique Infinity edge swimming pool with breathtaking views of the city from this pool.

Gardens by the Bay

Three beautiful waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay Central Garden. One of the national icons of Singapore, developed in 2005 – 2012. Here are such amazing structures as the Flower Dome – the world’s largest columnless glasshouse with a Mediterranean climate, Supertrees Grove – 25 and 50 m tall tree-like structures – vertical gardens, the amazing Cloud Forest Dome, and others.

Walkway in Cloud Forest Dome, Singapore
Walkway in Cloud Forest Dome / Khairul Nizam, Flickr / CC BY 2.0
Singapore Botanic Gardens

Botanical garden with an area of 74 ha, established in 1859. Includes a patch of the natural rainforest as well as very rich collections of tropical flora. An important example of the tropical botanical garden in European colonies that was used as a tool in economical botany.

The Pinnacle@Duxton

The world’s tallest public housing buildings, a group of seven connected 50-floor buildings. The complex includes the world’s two longest sky gardens, each 500 meters long. The buildings are 156 m tall and were built in 2009.

Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay

An enormous center of performing arts with a unique, bold design makes the building similar to a giant fruit of durian. This theater was built in 2002.

Theatres on the Bay from above, Singapore
Theatres on the Bay from above / ThisParticularGreg, Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0
Thian Hock Keng

The oldest Chinese temple in Singapore, founded in 1839. In this ornate temple are practiced Tao and Buddhist religions.

The Helix Bridge

280 m long pedestrian bridge, built in 2010. The bridge represents a double spiral and is similar to a model of DNA. Bridge has impressive lighting.

Fountain of Wealth

The world’s largest fountain, built in 1995. The largest part of this fountain is a giant bronze ring with a circumference of 66 m, raised 13.8 m above the ground.

Masjid Sultan

One of the most important and beautiful mosques in Singapore. Mosque was built in 1826, then rebuilt anew in Saracenic style in 1928.

Masjid Sultan, Singapore
Masjid Sultan / Erwin Soo, Flickr / CC BY 2.0
Sri Mariamman Temple

The oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, founded in 1827. Especially impressive is the gopuram – an entrance tower that is covered with painted sculptures.

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