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Wonders of Sint Maarten

Landing of aircraft above Maho Beach, Sint Maarten
Landing of aircraft above Maho Beach / Mike Roberts, / CC BY 2.0

WorldBlue  Highlights

Sint Maarten is one of constituent countries of the Kingdom of Netherlands. This minuscule island country has few landmarks.

Map with the described wonders

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WorldViolet Top wonders of Sint Maarten

Biological wonders

Billy Folly Bat Cave

Small cave, bat habitat.

Architecture wonders

Mount Vernon Plantation

A plantation from 1786, producing sugar, coffee and rum. Historical master’s house.

Fort Amsterdam

Dutch fort, built in 1631. Fort changed hands between the Dutch, Spanish, English and French often. Now the ruins are an important breeding site for brown pelicans.

Philipsburg Courthouse

Historical courthouse, built in 1793.

Princess Juliana International Airport and Maho Beach

An unusual beach due to very low flying aircraft. Airplanes should land as close as possible to the beach in order to manage the short landing.

Fort St. Louis

Ruins of a fort built by French in 1767, later taken over by Dutch.

Fort Willem

British fort, built in 1801 and taken over by Dutch in 1816.

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