Most interesting landmarks of the Republic of Congo

The Republic of Congo is an exotic country with diverse landscapes. Most of the country is covered with pristine rainforest and in some parts of the country humans have never lived – and don’t live up to this day.
Landmarks of the Republic of Congo are poorly researched and the list below mentions just a few. Highlights of Congo are its intact ecosystems with many species still to be discovered and numerous waterfalls.

Natural landmarks of the Republic of Congo

  • Bela Falls – Pool. Impressive waterfall at the mouth of wide river, with a view on Congo River. Total height of falls exceeds 150 m, it has several cascades.
  • Bouenza Falls (Moukoukoulou Falls) – Bouenza. Large waterfall, more than 100 m wide and more than 40 m tall.
  • Brazzaville Rapids – Pool. Impressive rapids in Congo River.
  • Loufoulakari Falls – Pool. Waterfall near the mouth of Loufoulakari River at its confluence with Congo. Waterfall is U shaped, has several cascades and is more than 40 m tall.
  • Mouroula Falls – Niari. Approximately 100 m wide and 40 m tall waterfall.
Other natural landmarks
  • Diosso Gorge – Kouilou. Gorge with colorful cliffs – badlands.
  • Goualougo Triangle – Sanga. Large tract of pristine lowland rainforest, dubbed "The Last Eden" or "The Last Place on Earth" due to its virgin wildlife. Local chimpanzees, as well as other animals have never met humans – it seems that humans have never lived here.
  • Lake Tele – Likuala. Round freshwater lake deep in swampland and rainforest, possible impact crater. According to local stories in this lake and surrounding area lives mokèlé-mbèmbé – purported giant reptile. This remote area is very rich with rare species of plants and animals including a population of more than 120 thousand gorillas.

Man made landmarks of the Republic of Congo

  • Madingo Kayes prehistoric settlements – Kouilou. Several settlements where in the first centuries of Common Era lived the earliest known complex societies in Central Africa.
  • St. Anne Basilica in Brazzaville – Pool. Large church with unusual design which was built in 1949.

Described landmarks of the Republic of Congo

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Featured: Lake Tele

Mysterious Lake Tele, Republic of Congo
Mysterious Lake Tele / Photo courtesy of Tom Klaytor, CC BY 2.0

If there exists middle of nowhere, Lake Tele is there. At least for humans, because the environment here is extremely hostile to them.

Many other animals though feel here well and one of these animals might be the mysterious mokele-mbembe or the even more mysterious emela-ntouka.

Recommended books

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