Most interesting landmarks of Wake Island

Wake Island consists of three low lying islands (Wake, Peale, and Wilkes Islands), rising up to 6 m above the sea level and occasionally flooded during heavy typhoons.

Ancient atoll

This atoll is one of most isolated and also one of the oldest coral atolls in the world.

Islands have beautiful beaches and fine lagoon with extremely clean water and excellent sights for divers. The nature in the reefs is little disturbed.

Endemic species

The only known endemic bird of this atoll – the flightless Wake Island Rail (Gallirallus wakensis) was exterminated by the starving Japanese soldiers in 1945.

Historical monuments

Dramatic events took place on the island during the World War, in 1941 – 1945, when the American garrison was overpowered by the Japanese army and the island was occupied. Many people lost their lives on the island during warfare.
´98 Rock´ is a stone with engraving left by an American soldier who for a while escaped from the death penalty and immortalized the memory of 98 fallen American prisoners of war by writing "98 US PW 5-10-43".

In the islands are seen remnants of Japanese fortifications.

Described landmarks of Wake Island

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Wake Island is coral atoll – unincorporated territory of United States. Access is restricted, the island is managed by the United States Air Force.

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