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Wonders of Wallis and Futuna

Landscape in Wallis
Landscape in Wallis / Clement Bourse, Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0.

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These islands are an overseas collectivity of France.

These three islands represent an lesser-known outpost of Polynesia between Tonga and Samoa.
Wallis is a middle Pleistocene volcanic island with interesting volcanic cones and crater lakes, surrounded by coral reefs. Futuna and Alofi are beautiful, mountainous islands, covered with lush tropical forests. Alofi Island has an especially valuable pristine ecosystem.

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WorldViolet Top 8 wonders of Wallis and Futuna

Geological wonders

Lalolalo Lake

Wallis (Uvea)

A round lake – volcanic crater. The lake is surrounded by steep, up to 30 m tall walls. Lake is almost inaccessible due to these walls.

Lalolalo Lake, Wallis
Lalolalo Lake, Wallis / Tauʻolunga, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.5

Wallis (Uvea)

A round crater lake, once used as a source of drinking water.

Architecture wonders

Le Toagatoto (Marais Sanglants)

Wallis (Uvea)

A historical place where a battle between the native people of Wallis and the Tongan army took place. This is a marsh that, according to the locals, still is haunted. Remnants of stone walls.

Basilica of St. Peter Chanel in Poi


Unusual, impressive church building with a stepped tower, built in 1986. Built to commemorate a martyr Pierre Channel, who was killed here in 1841.

Talietumu (Kolo Noi)

Wallis (Uvea)

Remnants of a fortified Tongan settlement, developed in 1450 AD, the last stronghold of Tongans in Wallis. The settlement is surrounded by a massive stone wall with several entrances. The central structure is a stone platform – Talietumu, a shrine. It is elevated by 5 m and is 80 m long. The complex planning of the structure has an important symbolic meaning.

Ruins of Talietumu, Wallis
Ruins of Talietumu, Wallis / Tauʻolunga, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.5
Tepa Church

Wallis (Uvea)

An imposing church building with a semicircular tower.

Tepa Church
Tepa Church / LymLog, Wimikedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0.
Loka Cave


A natural grotto where a shrine to St. Bernadette has been established.

Mata-Utu Cathedral

Wallis (Uvea)

Large church building in Neo-Romanesque style, constructed in 1951 – 1967.

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