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Leang Pute Sinkhole

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 4.9918 S 119.710621 E (possible mistake up to 1 km)
No:215        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology. Visual
Address:Asia, Indonesia, South Sulawesi, Bantimurung subdistrict, 6,6 km north-east from Bantimurung (direct line).
Alternate names:Gua Leang Pute
Depth:260 - 270 m

Beautiful natural landmark is Leang Pute sinkhole in the Southern Sulawesi.

Leang in Makassarese language is "cave", "pute" - a species of white dove - thus the sinkhole has been named after birds living on inaccessible walls of this giant hole.

Leang Pute is located in Maros limestone karst complex - area with countless caves, often adorned with prehistoric paintings. This area is covered with primeval tropical forest and here have been found numerous unique species of plants and animals - and many certainly still are waiting for their discoverer.

The sinkhole is available after a walk through a jungle and the rims of this hollow are covered with very dense vegetation. Also the dark bottom of the sinkhole (as large as two soccer fields) is covered with lush vegetation - here grow even some trees, live countless snakes, spiders, frogs, millipedes. The overhanging walls of the sinkhole are adorned with countless stalactites.


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