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Ghara Soo Falls

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 36.9682 N 59.6777 E
No:205        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Asia, Iran, Razavi Khorasan province, some 100 km north from Mashhad.
Name in Persian:آبشارهاي قره سو
Alternate names:Soo Falls, Gharesoo Falls, Gharehsoo Waterfall, Quara Su Falls, Qara Su Falls, Ghara Soo Falls

Some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the vicinities of Mashhad are Ghara Soo Falls located to the west from Kalat town.

Black water

The place name "Ghara Soo" originates from Turkish languages and means "black water". It comes from the almost black rock and deep, dark valley.


Waterfalls are located in very unusual place. Here the forces of nature have deformed the layers of sediments: these layers are not horizontal (as is usual elsewhere) but nearly vertical. Some layers have been less resistant to weathering and as a result something like a giant comb or very pronounced washboard has formed.

Walk through the waterfall

The small Ghara Soo river is traversing this amazing "washboard" with 8 tall cascades and countless smaller steps.

The narrow valley is made accessible to visitors - waterfalls can be ascended with steel ladders. When the water is higher, stream falls right over the ladders.

In several places the visitors are located in a narrow chasm between two smooth, giant walls and a strip of sky is seen high above.


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  1. Ali Majdfar, Ghara Soo waterfalls, image gallery, visited in the 23rd April 2011.

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