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Quadirikiri Cave

Quadirikiri Cave, Aruba
Quadirikiri Cave / Ian Mackenzie, / CC BY 2.0

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 12.4826 N 69.8994 W
No:352        (list of all attractions)
Category:Caves, Petroglyphs and rock art, Sites of legends
Values:Archaeology, Geology
Address:North America, Caribbean, Aruba, near the eastern coast, in Arikok National Park
Alternate names:Guadirikiri Cave, Quadiriki Cave
Length:150 m

The legendary Quadirikiri Cave is one of the largest and most interesting caves in Aruba.

Hot and humid cave

Quadirikiri Cave consists of three large rooms and large passages between them. The first two cave rooms are illuminated by holes in the ceiling, but the final part is 35 m long, dark and damp, inhabited by hundreds of bats. Cave is adorned with stalactites and stalagmites - in the lighted rooms these formations are overgrown with algae.

This cave is very hot and humid - favourable to insects and unpleasant to people.

Quadirikiri Cave, Aruba
Quadirikiri Cave / Ian Mackenzie, / CC BY 2.0

Prehistoric drawings

One the ceiling and walls of the cave are ancient, red and red-brown drawings, left by Amerindians. Often it is written that these were drawn by Arawaks, but in fact there hare lived different people in Aruba - thus we are not sure who exactly made them.

Drawings shows human-like beings - single and in pairs. There are also handprints, drawings of eyes.

These drawings most likely were painted by individuals under the influence of hallucinogenic products and thus receiving "divine inspiration".

Unfortunately part of these drawings have been ruined by vandals.

East of this cave is another, smaller one. This 30 m long cave is even more rich with cave art.

Holes in the ceiling of Quadirikiri Cave, Aruba
Holes in the ceiling of Quadirikiri Cave / therichbrooks, / CC BY 2.0

Legend about lovers

According to a local legend, once there was local chief who had a daughter. Daughter fell in love, but father considered that her beloved one is not worthy of her.

Girl was stubborn and - she was locked in a cave, until her emotions cool down and she refuses from her beloved one. Her love was locked in another cave (Tunnel of Love) nearby.

It happened that they managed to meet in the cave and, of course, refused to change their mind. Both young people died in the cave - and, according to the legend, their spirits left the cave through the holes in the ceiling.


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Aruba is one of constituent countries of the Kingdom of Netherlands and is located in the Caribbean region.


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Cave is natural underground space which is large enough for human to enter.

Every year there are reported exciting discoveries of new caves and discoveries of new qualities such as cave paintings in the ones known before. But there still is a feeling that our knowledge covers just a small part of these natural monuments.

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