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Tufton Hall Waterfall

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 12.1808 N 61.6814 W (mistake up to 1 km)
No:357        (list of all attractions)
Address:North America, Caribbean, Grenada, St. Marks parish, near Victoria, close to Mount Catherine – the tallest mountain in Grenada
Total height:˜ 25 m
Tufton Hall waterfall, Grenada
Tufton Hall Waterfall / Tiredmeliorist, / CC BY-SA 3.0

The tallest waterfall in Grenada is Tufton Hall Waterfall at the foot of the tallest mountain on the island – Mount Catherine.

This waterfall has been known to locals earlier, but tourists learned about it just a few years ago.

Walk to this fall is both strenuous and beautiful. One should walk through the rainforest, along the mountain stream for several hours. This trail is unmarked and even many locals would get lost here. Walks is made even more complex by landslides and fallen trees left by hurricane Ivan in 2004. Unfortunately this hurricane destroyed the historical Tufton Hall Estate House – fine wooden building in colonial style.

Waterfall itself is not too impressive. Stream is divided into two parts and each is cascading down along the rock face.


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