Saint Martin

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View from Fort Saint-Louis to Marigot, Saint Martin
View from Fort Saint-Louis to Marigot / Richie Diesterheft, / CC BY-SA 2.0

Saint Martin is an overseas collectivity of France. It occupies the northern part of densely inhabited Caribbean island and, in spite of its small area, has diverse interesting landmarks.

  • Baye Rouge natural arch - natural arch which has been created by the wave action.
  • Fort Saint-Louis - largest historical monument in Saint Martin. Built in 1767.
  • Grand Case - historical fishing village with many historical buildings. Small wooden buildings are painted in pastel colors.
  • La Grotte du Puits de Terres Basses - comparatively large cave, with hundreds of bats living in it.
  • Le Trou de David (David's Hole) - a former sinkhole at the sea, with two natural arches towards the sea. At calm weather one could swim into this sinkhole from the sea. Collapsed in December 2011.
  • St. Martin Museum - museum of the history and culture of Saint Martin. Interesting is the archaeological exhibit.

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Map of Saint Martin

Featured: Le Trou de David (collapsed)

Le Trou de David, Saint Martin
Le Trou de David (image has fisheye distortion) before its collapse / Alexandre Duret-Lutz, / CC BY-SA 2.0

Until recently one of most interesting natural landmarks in Saint Martin was Le Trou de David (originally - Trou du Diable). Unfortunately this magnificent sinkhole collapsed.

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